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Latest Email From My Husband

Do you get emails from your husband?

How about when he’s sitting 3 feet from you?

I do! Here’s his latest email…

Now you know why I call him Fisherman!

My Husband, The Hairdresser

True story.

Yesterday, I was a tad late getting ready for church. I jumped in the shower, and then raced to my makeup table. Now those of you who know me know I don’t wear makeup hardly ever. However, for church, I “put my face on.”

Once I’d done that, my wet hair had to be tamed. Blow dryer and brush. Spritz with hair spray and move on to clothes.

As I’m driving to church, Fisherman and I had this discussion:

ME: I forgot to look at the back of my head. (You KNOW there will be people who have to stare at the back of your head in church!) I’m going to look to the left and you look at my hair. Does it look okay?

FISHERMAN: Looks fine. It’s a little puffy here.

He begins to flatten the little puff I have put at the crown of my hair

ME: Hey! Stop that. It’s supposed to be a little puffy there.

FISHERMAN: Oh. Well, if I had a hairbrush and a squirt bottle of water I could flatten it out for me.

ME: It’s not supposed to be flat on my head.

FISHERMAN: Just trying to help.

I think he need to keep his day job…Fishing!

My Fisherman Helps Me Plot

This is a true story!  A conversation between me and my husband, the Fisherman!

Me: Want to help me write this book I’m working on?

Fisherman: Sure.*pauses* He grabs the sword and swings it toward–

Me: No. I write western romance, remember?

Him: Oh yeah. Let’s see…He pulled his six-shooter and–

Me: No! Wait. I write contemporary western romance.

Him: Okay. I’ve got it…He pulled a Glock and begin shooting. He used a Glock because he’s a modern cowboy.

Me: Hmm…I don’t think so. Thanks anyway.

Him: Any time.

And this is why my husband and I are not a writing team.


First – I am such a slug when it comes to keeping this blog up to date. I’m bad. But I’ll try harder. Not promising, mind you but I’ll try.


TexasBossaNova72webOn Tuesday, TEXAS BOSSA NOVA hits the shelves of every online store! What’s it about?

He plans to take the wander right out of her wanderlust.

Texas Montgomery Mavericks, Book 5

Magda Hobbs’s job as ranch housekeeper—and its daily dose of cowboys—wreaked havoc on her libido. Especially one certain cowboy she couldn’t resist. Scared of going down the same path as her mother, Magda jumped on her motorcycle and hit the road.

Five months later, her father’s mild heart attack has forced her back to Whispering Springs. While she’s grateful for the cleaning job at one of the Montgomery ranch houses, she’s not so thrilled one of the cowboys she’s looking after is the one she fell for last spring.

Reno Montgomery’s parents hiring a housekeeper for him and his brother is a nice surprise, but he’s shocked to discover it’s Magda, the woman who up and left just when things were getting serious between them.

When a freak snowstorm cuts off the outside world, the isolation rekindles their desire. But when the weather and the roads clear, Reno has to work hard and fast to keep the woman of his dreams from accelerating right out of his life again.

Warning: Contains a woman born with a bad case of wanderlust, and a cowboy determined to show her that life’s a dance that doesn’t have to two-step her out of his life.

Hope that sounds like fun!

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Best Commercial EVER

I’m not quite sure what it has to do with Android, but I love it nonetheless.

Happy Hump Day

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Pleading for Votes!

Somehow I’ve made it to Round 2 in The Three Bookateers 2014 Book Awards!!!

But the competition is TOUGH!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE some votes!


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Welcome to the Future!


It’s hard to believe that it’s 2015. Seems only yesterday the world was preparing for 2000 sure that all the computers would crash, the banking system would falter, and our world, as we knew it, would end because of the 2000 bug.

Yeah. Didn’t happen!

I’m amazed at how much my life has changed in the 15 years since. I’m a published author. Something that wasn’t even on my radar! Hubby and I were both still working 8-5 jobs, slugging away trying to get to retirement.

Now, he’s retired. I’m a full time writer. We live in places we never thought we would back then.

That’s the fun part of life…you just never know what it’ll hold. Right? There’s an old saying…Man Plans. God Laughs. I love that.

Or as John Lennon said…Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans.

So, I don’t make resolutions for New Years.

But I think GOALS are important and different. Goals are targets you reach for. So yeah, I’ll have some GOALS for next year…

  • I’d like to get up to riding a minimum of 5 miles a minimum of 3 days a week.
  • I like to write a minimum of 1500 words a day 5 days/week. I’d like to take weekends off.
  • I like to continue improving my embroidery skills.
  • I like to read a minimum of a book per week. (yeah, that’s one I KNOW I’ll meet!)
  • I’d like to lose 20 pounds.

So that’s what I’m shooting for this year. What about you?


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