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Fisherman Stories

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve written here. Sometimes I wonder…

  1.  Are blogs dead?
  2. Are posts to Facebook the “new” blog post? I’d love to hear from you about that.
  3. Am I crying into the vast void where no one hears me?

Fisherman Stories…

I’m married to a fisherman. Not a PROFESSIONAL fisherman. We don’t get money for his days on the lake. We don’t even get fish. This is his hobby and play (and as everyone knows… a boat is a black hole where you pour money)

My husband, Fisherman, is quite funny. He says I tell too much on Facebook but maybe it’s better to post stories about him HERE. Fewer people, fewer eyes (and probably not his brother’s! HAHA Fisherman will never find out!)

Yesterday, we were driving home after church and lunch with my parents. This is a honest-to-goodness conversation.

Me: You know what we should do? We should take about $50,000 and do some beautiful landscaping with a recirculating stream that flows down our hill and back into the lake. Sink a pump and use lake water. Wouldn’t that look great?

Note: we live on top of a high hill that drops down to the lake.  See Pictures

Fisherman: We could do the same thing with the garden hose. Put it at the top and let water run down.

Me: “Rolls eyes” One puny stream?

Fisherman: Okay. Use three hoses. And we’ll set one up to spray in the air like a fountain.

Me: This is so going public.

So what’s the most you’ve ever invested in landscaping?

Oh.. and we don’t have $50,000 to do this. I was just seeing if I could!

Saying Goodbye To Jill



January 2005-February 2016

Eleven years ago, my husband and I went to a kill shelter to look for a new family member. There, we found a tiny, 8-week old solid black puppy. Historically, black dogs have trouble being adopted, although for the life of me, I don’t know why!

My husband wanted a dog that would weight about 40 pounds. The pound staff said, “Yep. This dog will weight about 40 pounds.”

Hubby lifted the puppy’s HUGE paw and said, “There is no way this dog will weight 40 pounds.”

The puppy bounded out the cage, grabbed my husband’s pant leg, and began to tug and growl. How could I leave that puppy there?

Still, we took the puppy home on a “trial” basis.

We named her Jill, because you have to call a puppy something. And even if we decided to take her back, she needed a name.

Over the next eleven years, Jill traveled all the US with my husband and me. She lived in our house, had great food, never cold, never left out in the yard. One dog bed wasn’t enough. She had three piled on top of each other. (The Princess and The Pea!)

As you may can tell, she did weight 40 pounds as predicted…. 40 in the front and 40 in the back!


Yesterday, we had to let Jill go. Old age. Strokes. It was time. She was ready. We were not.

RIP Jill. You will be missed. And Loved forever.



How I Make Those Cute Boots!

My sister has asked me TWICE to explain how I make the cowboy boots I’ve been giving away. Like this one I made for me for Christmas


So I made one today step by step do my sister could “see” the process. Thought some of you might be interested also!

My machine is a Babylock Ellegante 3. It has a built-in computer that allows me to do editing on my projects right there rather than having to edit on my computer, save to a USB drive and open at the machine.

To start any project, I have to have a computerized / digitized design that is made for machine embroidery. In this case, I bought a cowboy boot that had four different designs. I pick the one I want to work with by selecting it on my machine LCD screen.


The final product will look different but that’s okay. I mostly want the boot design more than the upper leather design.

If you look to the right, you’ll see the list of colors to make this design. As I add other things to the boot, that list of colors will change. Once I set this as my design, I need to make some alterations. Specially, I want to add the date and a name. I can pull up numbers and letters and add to the design.
IMG_20160112_103616778Here I’ve added 2016 from the picture above and added the name “Hannah”


I know I want to do something “different” on the calf of the boot rather than what is shown. I’m making this for a niece-in-law, so I’m thinking a pretty calla lily might be look good. I go through my machine embroidery designs until I find one I like. Then I lay it OVER the design on the boot calf. When those “swirls” and straight line come up to sew, I’ll simply skip them. Here it the boot with the calla lily.

IMG_20160112_104914447 (1)

I’m ready to sew!

I start by hooping a piece of tearaway stabilizer


Next, I cut a sheet of craft felt in half. One-half goes on top of the stabilizer and I hold on to the other half for later.

Here is early in the stitching. I’m sewing on the 1/2 of sheet of felt (which is white in this case.) I’ve done the heel, sole, toe design and the placemarkers for the material that will comprise the boot calf. Without those placemarkers, I couldn’t be sure that my material would be in the right place.


I decided that since I’m doing a pretty white calla lily, I’d make the boot calf a chocolate brown. But actually, the boot calf can be any material I might have on hand. Below, I’ve set the silk on the felt and sown down the upper and lower edges of the material. See all the extra hanging off? We have to get rid of that now.

IMG_20160112_110415460 (1).jpg

There. A nice, clean edge that we’ll finish out later.


At this point, the machine wants me to do the “original” design. I simply skip those threads and embroidery the design I want.

If you look to the right, you’ll see what looks like a green arrow in the upper right corner of my LCD screen. Then look at where I’m sewing. I’m doing that green “arrow,” which is actually a leaf.


Here is the boot after I finished stitching the design. But we aren’t done yet!

IMG_20160112_113611423 (1)

Remember the other 1/2 of the felt sheet? Now I place it over where I’ve been working (like a lid) and stitch the outline of the boot. This gives me a “back” to the boot.

IMG_20160112_113837795 (1).jpg

The project comes out of the hoop looking like this….

IMG_20160112_114510953 (1)

All that paper (around and inside) the boot has to be torn away, thus the rationale for using tearaway stabilizer. Easy to get off.

Once the stabilizer is gone, I trim around the boot. I don’t have to trim close to the outline stitch as this will all turn into the boot. When I first started making these, I would cut the outline stitch A LOT and then I realized it didn’t have to be sooooo exact!
This is the boot ready to be turned inside out…carefully!


And the final product.


So that’s how it’s done!

Questions? Want one?

Leave a comment here and I’ll choose one winner for their own boot!



Some Pretty Cool News!

BTE Finalist

That’s right! Texas Bossa Nova is a finalist in the 2015 BTS Readers Choice Awards!


Reno and Magda ROCK!

14 Days of Hustle – Winner Update

Today is Day 7 of 14 Days of Hustle!

I thought I’d bring everyone up to date on winners.

NOTE: Not all prizes have been claimed!


Day 1 – Texas Hustle Blanket – Melinda Marks- CLAIMED

Day 2 – Gold Galloping Horse Bangle – Phyllis Gelman – CLAIMED


Day 4 – Vintage Rhinestone Cowgirl Hat – Therese Lopez – CLAIMED

Day 5 – Rhinestone and Buckle Carrying Bag – Cindi Donohue – CLAIMED

Day 6  – Autographed Collection of Comarre House – Porchia Gilbreath – CLAIMED

Phyllis Gelman has until 5 pm (CT) today (Monday, Nov. 16) to claim her prize or forfeit it. If you know her, let her know.

Porchia Gilbreath – You have until 5 pm (CT) tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 17) to claim your prize or forfeit it.
Don’t miss today’s prize – Egyptian Blue-Nile Turquoise Necklace Set

Egyptian Blue Nile Turquoise Necklace Set

Link to the excerpt and Rafflecopter entry

14 Days of Hustle – Day 5

Welcome to DAY FIVE of 14 Days of Hustle!

Check the Rafflecopter from yesterday to see if you were the winner. If so, contact me at

Well, it’s the weekend! Hope you have a nice one planned.

We’ve had some winners. Are you one?

Let’s check’s today’s prize… Rhinestone and Buckle Carrying Bag

Rhinestone Buckle Cross Body Carrying Bag

That would be perfect with a Kindle Fire!

Here’s Today’s Lucky Link…

Good luck!

More on Texas Hustle HERE

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Good Luck with the Rafflecopter.

See you Tomorrow!!!

14 Days of Hustle – STARTS TOMORROW (Nov.10)

ALERT!!! 14 Days of Hustles opens TOMORROW (Tuesday, Nov. 10)

check back HERE for the link to the excerpt and the Rafflecopter!

See you tomorrow!


Texas Twist Wins 2015 The Romance Review Readers’ Choice

It’s Official!!

Texas Twist is a WINNER! TexasTwist72webTexas Twist is the
2015 The Romance Readers’ Choice Award
Western Romance!

The Romance Reviews 2015 Winner Badge

THANK YOU ALL for your votes and support! 

Click HERE for Excerpt of Texas Twist.

To get your copy of Texas Twist, check out one of the links below:

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Texas Bossa Nova is a Finalist…X2!

Big News TODAY!!

TexasBossaNova72web Found out this morning that TEXAS BOSSA NOVA is a finalist in two different contests!


First up is the BTS Book Reviews eMagazine! Texas Bossa Nova is a finalist in the Contemporary/Mainstream Romance Category. The book was nominated by BTS reviewers!

LEAR Diamond Award

Then I got an email that TEXAS BOSSA NOVA  is a finalist in the Love Lust and Lipstick LEAR Diamond Awards as Best Western Romance! 

This one you can vote on (and I REALLY REALLY would love some votes!)

Go to 

Go to BEST WESTERN ROMANCE and click the circle by TEXAS BOSSA NOVA!

There are some awesome books nominated so I’m going to need oodles of help! Ask your friends to vote because that would awesome sauce.


Love My Readers!

Without readers, authors and bloggers would be like the tree that falls in the forest with no one around. So a few of us have teamed up to give you a super special $150 gift card giveaway!!

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Good Luck and THANK YOU for being one of my  readers.

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