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Hey There! It’s Yogi Bear!

yogi_bear_yogi_bearWell, maybe not Yogi Bear because after all, he was at Jellystone Park, right? And I’m nowhere near Jellystone!

As you are probably aware, I am in Alaska and on Monday, we flew to Brooks Camp at Katmai National Park. We flew from Anchorage to King Salmon, changed to a seaplane (my first time!) and flew to Brooks Camp, landing on water!

Our room. Yes, we had bunkbeds!! Mine on the left. Hubby is on the right.


You have probably seen the Brooks Falls on nature shows. The salmon must migrate UP these falls to get to their spawning area.
The bears? They are fattening up for winter.


Some of the bears got closer than others. The guy below is a subadult.


A couple of  younger bears. Notice that the younger, smaller bears are NOT directly at the falls. The “Big Guys” get those spots!


If you want to check out the CURRENT action at the falls, there is a live cam!

So I’ll share a couple of my videos.

One of the bears most popular with the visitors was a Momma and her FOUR cubs!

The last day, while I was waiting to fly out, I walked out the back door of the dining area and came face-to-face with a large Alaskan Black Bear. He looked at me, shrugged, and walked on!! I, on the other hand, might have hidden behind the door!  LOL LOL

I’m on a train today, leaving from Anchorage and arriving in Denali National Park this evening.

And I’ll leave you with one final video. This was a momma and her three cubs on 1 South between Anchorage and Girdwood.

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I Got So Muddy!!

You cannot believe how much fun we had yesterday! My husband wanted to do an ATV trip while we were in Anchorage. He researched it and chose 49th State Motor Tours. Without a doubt, he picked the best company. We saw other tour companies on our outing and nobody was taking their people over the rough stuff like we did. Through deep water. Through deep mud trenches. Dirt flats (we might have raced through these!) We ended up at the base of the Knik Glacier, where Brian, 49th State Motor Tours owner, cooked fresh salmon quesadillas while we wandered around and took pictures. As a southern, obviously I’ve had quesadillas, but salmon quesadillas? No ma’am and YUM YUM YUM. Worth the ride just for those!  He also had hot coffee, tea, apple cider, chocolate, and just about anything else “hot” you wanted! Also a snack box with chips, cookies, fruit rollups, and probably some healthy stuff. I might have grabbed cookies!

The ride to the glacier was awesome.  Brian (owner of 49th State Motor Tours) is in the lead ATV with Wheeler, his trusty “assistant.” He’s pulled out a stuck ATV. FUN on the ATV tour! on the ride homeIMG_20180803_144356583IMG_20180803_144410832IMG_20180803_144609124

I’m uploading some videos if you want to experience some of the ride!

We made it to the base of Knik Glacier but I admit, it made me sad to see how much it has shrank. My husband at the edge. Look at the flowers!


When we left, our 4-wheeler was bright, clean blue. (You can see the nice blue color in the videos)

Here is it at the end!  HAHAHA

IMG_20180803_161142430After the tour. me

Let’s just say… that smile on my face was that way ALL day and into the evening. AND there was probably mud and dirt between my teeth too! 🙂

This trip was everything advertised and more. Worth every dime!

This morning (Saturday), breakfast was the world-famous Gwennie’s Old Alaska Restaurant.  Let’s just say…OHMIGOD good!

Gwennie's breakfast #2

Now, it’s back to editing. Tomorrow we pack and get ready to move to Brooks Camp.
Check it out! There is a LIVE Bear Cam!

I bought a bunch of Alaskan souvenirs to give away while I’m here. Leave a comment to be in the running for today’s Alaskan Surprise!

Thanks for reading.


North To Alaska!

I’ve been married to Fisherman for thirty-four years (as of Nov. 17, 2018.) For as long as I can remember, he has wanted to go to Alaska…a big item on his bucket list.

Cynd and Phil Alyaska Hotel

So on Tuesday, we flew out from Memphis and landed in Anchorage at 1 a.m. During that time, we went through three time zones, meaning the current time zone is 3 hours behind the one at time. As I write this, it’s 7:30 pm in Anchorage and 10:30 pm at home. My stomach is SO confused!

We’d opted for a Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO) condo instead of a hotel during this five-day stay in Anchorage. So far, every VRBO we’ve rented has been better than any hotel…this one included. But Oh My Gosh! No air conditioning! No problem. It’s been a long time since I was in a place where I didn’t NEED a/c. We open the bedroom window, put up a small fan, and the room temp is perfect!

When we woke up on Wednesday, we headed to Matanuska Glacier. Sadly, many of the glaciers have shrunk due to heating. Still, it’s a trip to look up and see these incredible mountains with snow and ice…and in August! (

Glacier 3mantauska GlacierGlacier Pic 2

On the drive to the glacier


Thursday, we hopped on the Alyaska highway and headed down to Girdwood.  Hubby wanted to ride the tram up the Chugach Mountains and have lunch. The weather was lousy today. Rainy. Foggy. Didn’t matter. When we vacation, we don’t let anything like the weather slow us down. Throw on a rain jacket and keep on moving. Usually, I don’t like not being thirty (or forty or fifty!) again. But I’ll confess that the senior discounts are freaking awesome to my wallet.

Here are some pictures from our drive up today and pictures from atop the mountain.

Alysaka HighwayTramView from top of moutain in Girdwood

Here’s a link where you can see how beautiful the area really is!

If you follow me on Facebook ( you may have seen these pictures today. This is Bird Creek (between Anchorage and Girdwood.) Apparently, a fishing heaven.

Fly Fishermen Bird Creekimg_20180802_103919401.jpg

The fish above is a Silver Salmon (coho salmon) . No, That is not me in the picture. I did not fish. (um, I do not fish!) but it was an impressive fish and I wanted to show it to my buddy, Laura Drake, who is a fisherwoman!

While you are reading today’s post, we are out on an ATV tour with 49th State ATV tours ( I suspect it’ll be muddy and sloppy and I’ll be filthy when we get home. (It’s raining tonight.) I can’t wait! Look next Friday for pictures from that trip AND from our trip to Brooks Camp in Katmai National Park.

In the meantime, check out the live bear cam from Brooks Camp

Because some of my readers aren’t on Facebook or aren’t in Western Romance Café, I’ll be posting here and on my blog every Friday. There will be a prize link to click at both places. In fact, you can enter more than once by visiting the different posts!

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Thanks for reading! Next post will be next Friday (I’ll be at Denali National Park!!)

See you then!



I have winners from yesterday’s SURPRISE GIVEAWAY!

Here are my lucky winners:

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Good Afternoon!! If you have been following along this week, I’m celebrating

If you missed yesterday’s post, go back and read it here You’ll understand why this is a book of my heart. Besides, how can you not LOVE this cover?

Texas Lullaby.jpg

Now I can use your help on something. I want to add the Holt Medallion to the cover. I have it in the lower left corner on version #1 (left) and upper right in #2 (right)

Here are my questions:

  1. Which version do you like? #1 or #2 

  2. Should the Holt Medallion sticker on the cover be larger? 

  3. Do you notice if a book cover sports a contest winner sticker? 

The last time I gave away kitchen towels, it was for WHEN THINGS GOT HOT IN TEXAS (If you haven’t gotten this FABULOUS collection, it’s only available for one more week!) Here are the links for that book.   (Kobo) (Amazon)  (Nook)  (Apple/iBooks)
Hot in Texas Towel

Now back to prizes… the kitchen towel looked like this..

Brother 10 Needle

BUT This time, I’m making TEXAS LULLABY display towels! I do the design directly on my embroidery machine (see the little screen on the right below? That’s where I do a lot of my work.)

And I haven’t made the design YET but THIS picture will replace the hat on fire…  Isn’t it cute? adp-110swnbear141_4

So I’m giving away FOUR (4) display towels as part of the Rafflecopter. Follow the link to enter!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

But since I need to make one of these for practice, I’ll give one away TODAY!! To enter, answer the three questions above.

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Prize Winners!


I have a TON of winners from last week! A TON!!

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Snakes and Other Scary Things

Welcome to Thursday. I might not be around a lot today. I have a to-do list that’s a mile long! Tomorrow, I have high school girl friends coming over to spend the night. Yeah, I know. We are a bunch of old women, but when we get together, the years fall away and we’re in our teens again! In fact, one of our gang is getting MARRIED tonight night! Woot!

Today’s Prizes are:

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I’m going to be talking about Texas Daze, but before I start,Texas Daze take a peek at the cover!

Luscious, right?

In Texas Daze, my hero has a thing about horses. Now, no Alpha male wants to admit he’s afraid of ANYTHING, but horses? Those majestic animals?

Yep. Dr. Eli Boone and horses are oil and water. But fate is nothing if not a sneaky beeotch, so who does fate think is he’s match? A COWGIRL?? Are you kidding, fate? Eli is a smooth, socialite from New York City. A working cowgirl from Texas?? As our heroine (Marti) says, his hands are softer and smoother than hers!

What are you scared of? I confess. It’s snakes for me. I know it’s a phobia. I realize that not all snakes bite or are poisonous. Doesn’t matter.

I would wreck my car!!
I have a friend who freaks out when she sees a frog! So it’s different things for different people.

What scares you? Spiders? Snakes? Horses (like poor Eli)?

Hope you’ve taken advantage of the $0.99 sale price for this! Only 48 more hours!
When Things Got Hot in Texas Mockup 4

It’s HERE!!

Good Morning!! So glad you found your way here. Today starts five (5!) days of celebration! Why?

Because it’s my FIRST NEW BOOK in over six months!

When Things Got Hot in Texas Mockup 4.jpeg

Isn’t she beautiful!!!

Growing up, all my family celebrations involved food. In fact, celebrations and deaths were all noted with food! Is your family like that? Food for any event?

But for celebrations, it must be cake and ice cream! If I were serving you cake and ice cream, what kind of cake? What kind of ice cream?


  1. A Beach Towel embroidered with your name!
  2. A display kitchen towel… Embroidered design to be determined
  3. Surprise package with book(s) and swag.

Leave a comment to be in the running. All contests will run all week. Winners announced next Monday!

psst… When Things Got Hot in Texas is OUT! Do you have your copy?

Fisherman Stories

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve written here. Sometimes I wonder…

  1.  Are blogs dead?
  2. Are posts to Facebook the “new” blog post? I’d love to hear from you about that.
  3. Am I crying into the vast void where no one hears me?

Fisherman Stories…

I’m married to a fisherman. Not a PROFESSIONAL fisherman. We don’t get money for his days on the lake. We don’t even get fish. This is his hobby and play (and as everyone knows… a boat is a black hole where you pour money)

My husband, Fisherman, is quite funny. He says I tell too much on Facebook but maybe it’s better to post stories about him HERE. Fewer people, fewer eyes (and probably not his brother’s! HAHA Fisherman will never find out!)

Yesterday, we were driving home after church and lunch with my parents. This is a honest-to-goodness conversation.

Me: You know what we should do? We should take about $50,000 and do some beautiful landscaping with a recirculating stream that flows down our hill and back into the lake. Sink a pump and use lake water. Wouldn’t that look great?

Note: we live on top of a high hill that drops down to the lake.  See Pictures

Fisherman: We could do the same thing with the garden hose. Put it at the top and let water run down.

Me: “Rolls eyes” One puny stream?

Fisherman: Okay. Use three hoses. And we’ll set one up to spray in the air like a fountain.

Me: This is so going public.

So what’s the most you’ve ever invested in landscaping?

Oh.. and we don’t have $50,000 to do this. I was just seeing if I could!

Saying Goodbye To Jill



January 2005-February 2016

Eleven years ago, my husband and I went to a kill shelter to look for a new family member. There, we found a tiny, 8-week old solid black puppy. Historically, black dogs have trouble being adopted, although for the life of me, I don’t know why!

My husband wanted a dog that would weight about 40 pounds. The pound staff said, “Yep. This dog will weight about 40 pounds.”

Hubby lifted the puppy’s HUGE paw and said, “There is no way this dog will weight 40 pounds.”

The puppy bounded out the cage, grabbed my husband’s pant leg, and began to tug and growl. How could I leave that puppy there?

Still, we took the puppy home on a “trial” basis.

We named her Jill, because you have to call a puppy something. And even if we decided to take her back, she needed a name.

Over the next eleven years, Jill traveled all the US with my husband and me. She lived in our house, had great food, never cold, never left out in the yard. One dog bed wasn’t enough. She had three piled on top of each other. (The Princess and The Pea!)

As you may can tell, she did weight 40 pounds as predicted…. 40 in the front and 40 in the back!


Yesterday, we had to let Jill go. Old age. Strokes. It was time. She was ready. We were not.

RIP Jill. You will be missed. And Loved forever.



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