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Rafflecopter Ending SOON


Did ya know I’ve got a Rafflecopter running for only FIVE more days?  Yep.
Click HERE to enter.

PLUS only TWO people claimed their prizes from last week!


That means either I put those prized back into my closet or add them to the Rafflccopter. Decisions. Decisions. Closet? Or give to someone else?

In the meantime, don’t miss the chance to pick up TEXAS LULLABY for ONLY $0.99! That will be ending VERY soon. How can you NOT take advantage of a $4.00 Savings!


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Giddy Up!!

Good Morning!

How is everyone this morning? Hope you were able to join us last night at A Taste of Romance book club (hosted by the lovely Millie Swank!) to celebrate the release of


The time just FLEW by. After I write today’s post, I’ll head over there and pick my winners from last night. (Check back here in about an hour and I’ll list the winners.) Here’s out beautiful cover again!

WINNERS from last night – Pam Potter, Lori Meecham, and and Stacy Jordet

When Things Got Hot in Texas Mockup 4

You know how this game is played! Today’s Prizes..

Embroidered Beach Towel (looks like this)

crocker towel 2

A PRINT copy of either Texas Tango or Texas Lullaby

TexasTango300 or TexasLullaby72web

This DARLING Giddy Up Plate, perfect to hold jewelry!


Today’s chat is about Texas Montgomery Mavericks! Last night, I mentioned that Texas
Daze is book NINE in the Whispering Springs, Texas Series. I know some of you were like.. WHAT??!!?? Where are the other EIGHT books in this series? How I did miss that?

I can explain! When I wrote Texas Two Step, I didn’t really know that it was the start of a series! Then Texas Tango was born, along with Texas Montgomery Mavericks. Tango was followed by Texas Fandango, Texas Twist, Texas Bossa Nova, Texas Hustle and closed with Texas Lullaby. I was sad.


I LOVED my people. Loved their little town of interesting friends. AND I kept wondering how much trouble Delene and Tina would get into!
Then I wrote Saddles and Soot. In the SAME communities, but not a Montgomery family member and I thought… Hey! Let’s tell more stories in Whispering Springs, Texas. But to keep all the stories in the same “series”. I decided to RENAME Texas Montgomery Mavericks books to Whispering Springs, Texas to keep them grouped. Keeping the same series name (TTM) would not really convey to the readers that the book they were picking up wouldn’t actually have a Montgomery in it.

Then came Texas Daze. Same community (Whispering Springs, TX), Montgomerys show up and Delene ACTS UP!  HAHA

Hold up your hand if you read Texas Hustle (Porchia and Darren’s story.) Do you remember that the Montgomery patriarchs (Lane and Clint) had a sister (Cora) who got made about inheritance issues and left town, never to be seen again? Well, I found her! AND she has two sons and one daughter. And get this, ONE of her sons actually lives in Whispering Springs and has been “watching” the Montgomerys for a few years! OMG! No kidding. The Montgomerys offspring have a COUSIN living in the same town and they don’t know!

Today’s questions for you to answer…

  1.  Have you read Texas Hustle? Do you remember Cora, the missing sister?
  2. Do you have a PRINT copy of Lullaby or Tango, and if not, do you want one?
  3. If you won the beach towel, would you keep it or give it away?
  4. Have you bought When Things Got Hot in Texas yet?
  5. Have you left a review for When Things Got Hot in Texas? (YAY if yes. PLEASE Do, if no!)

THANK YOU for coming by.

PLEASE share this post everywhere!! 🙂 If you do, come back and tell me (two comments, two entries!! I know how to game the system!)


Nikki Duncan Cops To OCD

Confessions of an OCD, and Sometimes Overachieving, Author


Hello, my name is Nikki Duncan and I am an OCD, and sometimes overachieving, author.


Day after day:

~ I sit in my office and hammer away at the dreaded To Do List, or

~ I head out into the field and conduct training sessions for the day job, or

~ I build power point presentations for work, or

~ I go to the oldest kid’s school to volunteer in the band hall, or

~ I do work for a romance review site, or

~ I design graphics for websites and other promo materials, or

~ I do volunteer stuff for one or both of my writing groups, or

~ I speak at writer’s groups, or

~ I run the two kids around, or

~ I help keep the house cleaned, or or or

The list goes on and on, and the more detailed I make the list the more tired it makes me. Take last night for example, despite feeling not great and having worked a really long day the day before and then sitting through a long work meeting, I came home and did more work before tackling some of the clutter in the house so that I could focus enough to work on the things I needed to get done.

It seems that for me cleaning the house helps clean away cobwebs in my brain so I can think better. It was on such a cleaning spree that I worked out some of the plot kinks in ILLICIT INTUITIONS. One such plot kink centered around the hero, Dr. H.

See, I knew he was an empath, but I wasn’t fully sure how his abilities made him unique. Then the depth of his abilities and all the issues that would come with them came to me. It’s those complexities that made him a valuable asset as a child. An asset that had a clandestine branch of the government taking him for experimentation. A branch of the government that let him go when he became an adult, but is now after him again.

Yes, I could probably benefit from a 12 step program, but then again that could spoil some of the party in my head.

Tell me, what complexities or special abilities have you seen in characters that has you going back to them in your mind?

Commenters will be entered into a drawing for an ARC of  ILLICIT INTUITIONS, set to release next Tuesday.

Love could be their greatest liability.

Ava Malia knows three things. She was once a kickass covert operative. She will eventually adjust to her new team, the FBI Specialized Crimes Unit. And the only way to finally be free of her professional past is to solve her first case and get her hands on a game-changing technology. The only problem? Success rides on her ability to swallow her distaste for the persona she must adopt in order to earn the trust of a mysterious scientist.

Dr. H escaped childhood captivity with three things. His sister. Complete control of his gift. And an engulfing distrust of anyone in the government. Adjusting to a life of freedom hasn’t been easy, but he’s found peace in solitude. The sexy woman auditing his empathic studies, though, has a way of getting under his skin that’s both arousing and disturbing. Plus, his psychic ability warns him of secrets so deeply buried in her psyche, they’d be better left alone.

Yet their instant attraction strips away all their protective barriers, down to the foundation of a new, fragile trust. And a vulnerability that, when an old enemy opens fire, could blast away any chance of a future.

Read an excerpt of  ILLICIT INTUITIONS now!

To order your copy, click on a link below

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