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Rafflecopter Winners!!

I have GOOD new and NOT-SO-GOOD news this morning! Since it’s Monday, lets go with the GOOD New first!

My Rafflecopter giveaway ended at midnight. 

Winners HAVE been chosen!

Here is the winner list!

  • Mary Sue Russell (Claimed)
  • Mary Anne Meyne (Claimed)
  • Patricia Wong
  • Mallory Dorman
  • Felicia Thomas (Claimed)
  • Vickie Griffin Carter
  • Nancy Saubert Luebke
  • Mary Ann Cloud (Claimed)
  • Robin Weiss
  • Karen Giasson
  • Denise Fackler Van Plew

If you are on this list, please contact me via email

Now the NOT-SO-GOOD news….

I’m out of town all week at a writers’ retreat so I can’t mail any of prizes until NEXT week!

I know. I know. Not fair!! But it is what it is.

So CONGRATULATIONS!! to the winners!!

THANK YOU to everyone who entered, who bought Texas Lullaby and who reviewed it! I VERY MUCH appreciate you!



Today is my last day for blogging this week. I will TRY to do this more often but you know… life….

I hope you do follow me on Facebook
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When Things Got Hot in Texas Mockup 4

Not only is the last blog this week, this is the LAST 24 hours to get WHEN THINGS GET HOT IN TEXAS for a mire $0.99

Now, I’ll be honest… this book is WORTH $0.99. Heck, it’s worth the $2.99 that will be the price after today.

Here’s another secret I’ll let you in on… This book is only available for one month. After that, we’ll pull it down and each author will individually publish her own story. One difference is that I’ll put Texas Daze out in print in addition to digital.

I hope you all are also members of Western Romance Cafe over on Facebook. I’m posting over there today also and OF COURSE there are prizes! 🙂 You’ll have to check over there to see what the prizes are.

Today’s prizes (here) are:

Embroidered Beach Towel
Mystery Prize (book and swag)
Winner’s choice – print Texas Montgomery Book or Embroidered Towel

Here’s what I need help with… my next book is about a disable vet and a psychologist. He was hurt in an IED explosion. He has some serious scarring and a limp. Of course, when he looks in the mirror, ALL he sees is horrible scarring of a face, neck and chest that used to be handsome. My hero (Dax) was Army Special Forces. Alpha to the core. Has already been irresistible to women because of his looks (in his opinion.) He’s surly. Angry. And, when he can sleep, relives the explosion that killed most of his men.

My heroine not without her own issues. The middle child of three, my heroine is bookend by two STUNNINGLY beautiful sisters, not to mention her mother. Both her mother and her older sister held the Miss Texas title and her sister was runner-up to Miss America. Her younger sister is no less gorgeous. My heroine is pretty one of us (or most of us.) What she sees when she looks in the mirror is blah brown hair, a round face, a body that could stand a few sessions with a trainer, boring clothes, and glasses.

As  you can see, both of them have some serious image issues.

I need a title. It MUST start with Texas….(Like Texas Daze or Texas Lullaby, etc)

So throw out those title ideas!


OH!! When Things Got Hot in Texas Links!   (Kobo) (Amazon)  (Nook)  (Apple/iBooks)



The Great Author Hunt – T minus 8 days – Cynthia D’Alba

Cynthia D'Alba

Cynthia D’Alba

Cynthia D’Alba
Insane and Looking for You!

Find Me!

12 pm
Club RT

Thursday, May 15, 2014
11:45 AM
Club RT

9:00-11:55 pm
Samhain’s Saints and Sinners Party
Look for me on the SINNER side! 

AND Follow me on Twitter! I’ll be tweeting my location during RT!

I have a basket in Club RT you might win! Here’s what’s in there…The Montgomery family met this weekend and put together an awesome basket that would represent each couple. From Olivia and Mitch, they donated the cowboy hat that Olivia wore when she was rodeo queen along with a print copy of Texas Two Step, their love story. Travis Montgomery and his wife, Caroline, donated a special coffee mug and a bag of coffee. KC Montgomery Gentry and her husband, Drake, brought back some beautiful handmade lace seashells from their vacation to The Sand Castle Resort. Cash Montgomery and his love, Paige, donated a buckle ring as buckles are special to them. Author, Cynthia D’Alba, has donated a tote bag designed just for this event to carry all your loot.

PLUS if you come to see in at Club RT, I’ll have 2 special RT tote bags. One winner per Club RT session. These won’t be in promo alley. However, I do have a spot in promo alley where you can get postcards, pens, jar openers, notepads, etc.

AND if you come see me at Club RT, I have SPECIAL PENS with a stylus that aren’t available in promo alley either!

AND (if that isn’t enough to entice you to see me), I have a few small jars of orange-smelling hand lotion. Totally delicious! I’ll pick winners from each session.

Looking forward to see y’all!


Got this important consumer alert from my mother. She’s just full of motherly advice.

I don’t know WHY I didn’t figure my weight problem out sooner.
It’s the shampoo I use in the shower!
When I wash my hair, the shampoo runs down my whole body and   printed very clearly on the shampoo label is this warning:
No wonder I have been gaining weight!
Well! I have gotten rid of that shampoo and I am going to start using Dawn dish washing liquid instead.
Their label reads,

Problem Solved.
If I don’t answer the phone, I’ll be in the shower!


Don’t forget! My Texas Two Step Blog Tour Starts on Wednesday Feb 1 with loads of fabulous prizes.

Click the banner below to check out the stops on the tour

Click on the next banner if you want to see my slew of prizes

Texas Two Step is available for preordering at Samhain, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

I’ll see you on “The Tour”

You Know It’s Hot When…

You know it’s hot when you…

1. Sit in a dim house all day because even a 20 watt light bulb adds too much heat to the room.

2.  Get up at 4 a.m. to do the laundry because your a/c repair man husband says that the dryer will pull too much hot air into the hour during the day

3.  Won’t walk barefoot on the back deck because the soles of your feet will blister. On the other hand, I might be ready for the “walk on a bed of hot coals” contest

4.  Have to let the dogs out and in a million times a day because once they go outside they realize it’s too hot to stay so they come right back

5.  Have to move your hidden cookie stash into the house (from garage food cabinet) because the chocolate stripping is melting

6.  Just give up on the tomato plants and let them die when you can’t water them enough.

7.  Eat lots and lots of salads and cold cereal for dinner because you don’t want to heat up the kitchen with the stove or oven

8.  Realize you keep turning down the temperature of your shower water until your lips turn blue

9.  Laugh when your husband asks if you want to take the boat for a joy ride. Joy ride? Sweat ride would be more like it.

10. Have to wear a bra so your boobs don’t touch your abdomen. (That might just be me and my big ’ems)

So how do you know it’s hot at your house???


I have NEWS

I have news…I can’t tell it yet….But maybe soon.

Stayed tuned!

Book Giveaway

On Sunday, I reviewed A CREED IN STONE CREEK over on Everybody Needs A Little Romance. I have a copy to give away to one person who comments on that post.

For a chance to win this book, go HERE and leave a comment.

If you like a hot, sexy cowboy hero matching wits with a smart, no-nonsense lawyer, this is the book for you!

Besides, who wouldn’t want that cover staring at them from the bedside table!

Until next time

Scenes From a Laundromat

I’m not currently at home, so laundry day means going to a public laundromat.

(which begs this side question…If a sock, or shirt or undies drop on the floor while moving from washer to dryer or from dryer to basket, does the five second rule come into play?)

Anyway, I washed 2 complete sets of sheets, 8 pillowcases, 2 full blankets, one bedspread, 6 wash clothes, 2 hand towels, 5 towels, dog bed cover, couch cover and a rug all in ONE FREAKING BIG MACHINE!! It’s called Big Bertha. Washes 12 loads at one time and to tell you the truth, there was plenty of room left when I was finished putting items in! Took 3 dryers just for that one washer.

While I was loading, I was doing “research,” and if you’re a writer, you know what I’m talking about. I was listening in on conversations around me.  Here’s my favorite…

Woman is complaining to younger guy that some guy offered her $500-$600 to sleep with him. She told him how insulted she was and that if he’d have taken her out to dinner, she’d have slept with him but to offer her money was wrong. When she told her sister the story, the sister wanted the guy’s phone number!

Love my laundromat days.

Until Next Time.

Crush on You by Christie Ridgway – A Review

I missed CRUSH ON YOU when it was first published in June of 2010, which surprised me since I admit to being a Christie Ridgway fangirl. In December, Christie offered up Advanced Reader Copies of THEN HE KISSED ME, the second in the Three Kisses series, and I immediately began begging for the ARC. Christie was ever so kind to send it. Before I even opened the ARC, I ordered a copy of CRUSH ON YOU, the first book in this series. Today, I’m review CRUSH ON YOU. I decided to review in order although each book is stand alone.

From the back cover…

The Baci sisters are on a mission to save Tanti Baci–the winery that’s been in their family for genreations–by tranforming it into the perfect wedding destination.

If only they didn’t need the help of the Bennett brothers next door…

Alessandra Baci is determined to make sure the winery’s first wedding goes off without a hitch. Unfortunately, the “Nun of Napa,” as she’s affectionately known, has had some bad luck when it comes to nuptials, starting with her worn wedding day five before, when her fiance didn’t arrive at the alter. Still, she’ll do anything to keep her promise to her late father–even if it mean enlisting the help of the sexy Penn Bennett…

Straight out of Hollywood, where he’s the handsome star of prime time’s hottest home renovation show, Penn is Alessandra’s only hope for restoring the crown jewel of the Baci estate. Too bad the Bennett men, who own the winery next door and are the “sisters’ greatest rivals, are off-limits. Because Penn would like nothing more than to teach the sinless “Nun of Napa” a unholy, hands-on lesson…


Before I get to the story, isn’t this an awesome cover? Do you love those purple shoes or what?

There were two distinct love stories contained in this book…Alessandra + Penn and Gil + Clare. I know Alessandra and Penn were the “lead characters” but I adored the interaction between Gil and Clare. They were so perfect for each other. Their dialog was clever, their scenes so touching. I could empathize with their conundrum… how do you tell your best friend your feelings have chanced without screwing up the best friendship you’ll ever know? Wonderful secondary story. In fact, I’m re-reading Then He Kissed Me just for an update on Gil and Clare!

Penn and Alessandra were much like gasoline and a match. Apart, they are safe, but when together, the sexual tension ramps up to an explosive range.

Alessandra takes her oath to her father to heart. She’ll do anything to save the winery that’s been her family forever. Family is important to Alessandra and her sisters.

Penn grew up never knowing his father. His mother worked minimum wage jobs, trying to make the best life for her son she could. Penn never experienced the family life that is so important to Alessandra until he meets his half-brothers. At first, he doesn’t want to get “involved” with Bennett brothers. After all, he’s never had brothers or a family life and he thinks he can live without one. But slowly, his half-brothers worm under his skin. Learning to be a part of family is new and hard, and he grows to love it…as he grows to love Alessandra.

I had a brand-new copy of CRUSH ON YOU to give away as part of this review. Unfortunately, my puppy loved the book too! Can you see the teeth marks at the corner? Plus there are some teeth marks on the page edges. Sigh.

However, if you’d like a “fairly new, puppy-enhanced” copy of Crush on You, leave me a message here telling me that you want it. If you want a second chance at the book (random drawing, your odds affected by number of comments), go visit my interview with Christie on Wednesday, January 12 on Everybody Needs A Little Romance.

Note: Offer void where prohibited. Prizes will be mailed to North America addresses only. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants.

To purchase Crush On You

Crush on You

AmazonBordersB & NIndieboundPowell’s

Tomorrow, I’ll review Then He Kissed Me, the second in the Three Kisses Trilogy.

Hand and Foot and Turkeys

Saturday, I spent playing Hand and Foot (which is much better than Foot in Mouth!). Actually Hand and Foot is a card game very similar to canasta. We use seven decks of cards and 4 – 6 people. Very fun.

But after the game, I took a ride in the golf cart to shoot some pictures for The Sand Castle Trilogy, a set of novellas I’m working on. Being that I’m such a visual person, pictures help. For example, this would be the road to Madison Cole’s cabin on Sugar Island at The Sand Castle Resort.

The Road to The Refuge

But as I was driving along, I saw this hen. Isn’t she a beauty?

The "Lady"

Her two tom suitors.

Her Tom Suitors

Check this beard. Isn’t it awesome?

I’ll continue to build a photo album for The Sand Castle Resort. If anyone is interested in seeing the resort through my eyes, let me know and I’ll post pictures from time to time.

Until next time, thanks for dropping by.

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