Snakes and Other Scary Things

Welcome to Thursday. I might not be around a lot today. I have a to-do list that’s a mile long! Tomorrow, I have high school girl friends coming over to spend the night. Yeah, I know. We are a bunch of old women, but when we get together, the years fall away and we’re in our teens again! In fact, one of our gang is getting MARRIED tonight night! Woot!

Today’s Prizes are:

  1. A print copy of Texas Tango or Texas Lullaby or Texas Bossa Nova! Winner’s pick.
  2. An Embroidered When Things Get Hot in Texas Decorative Towel
  3. A Surprise package which will have at least one book and swag.

I’m going to be talking about Texas Daze, but before I start,Texas Daze take a peek at the cover!

Luscious, right?

In Texas Daze, my hero has a thing about horses. Now, no Alpha male wants to admit he’s afraid of ANYTHING, but horses? Those majestic animals?

Yep. Dr. Eli Boone and horses are oil and water. But fate is nothing if not a sneaky beeotch, so who does fate think is he’s match? A COWGIRL?? Are you kidding, fate? Eli is a smooth, socialite from New York City. A working cowgirl from Texas?? As our heroine (Marti) says, his hands are softer and smoother than hers!

What are you scared of? I confess. It’s snakes for me. I know it’s a phobia. I realize that not all snakes bite or are poisonous. Doesn’t matter.

I would wreck my car!!
I have a friend who freaks out when she sees a frog! So it’s different things for different people.

What scares you? Spiders? Snakes? Horses (like poor Eli)?

Hope you’ve taken advantage of the $0.99 sale price for this! Only 48 more hours!
When Things Got Hot in Texas Mockup 4

About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.

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  1. I can’t stand spiders or mice. Booth make me run the other direction as fast as possible! 🙁


  2. Teresa Forduce

    Spiders and Snakes just like the song!! As I get older I don’t like most bugs, in general!! Flies are horrible too and having a horse, chickens and farm animals means flies!!


  3. Daphne Cochran

    Snakes and bugs in general and heights.


  4. Millie Swank

    I hate snakes!, but I do not like mice either! When I first started babysitting at the age of 12 my Aunt and Uncle lived in this great big farm house. They had a gas stove and some time when you turned the oven on a mouse would come running out. I would end of standing on the kitchen table making my two little cousins that I was babysitting climb up and sit on the table with me. Even through they would tell me they wanted to play with It! Eventually I would realize that there was no adult coming to take care of things, that I was the “adult” and I would get down and cook dinner all the while keeping an eye out for that mouse! Yes, I pre-ordered When Things Got Hot In Texas. I also gave away six copies. Am loving these books, I am working my way through the other four. Good Luck everyone!

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  5. Get this… Once I lived outside of Memphis is a rural area. On 5 acres with 100+ acres of thick woods behind me. Anyway, I was feeding the dog. I opened the 40lb bag of dog food and scooped a cup in there. A mouse ran up my arm!! Yeah, I kind of freaked out!


  6. I am terrified of birds. I will cross the street to avoid them. If they’re around my car, I won’t get in until they leave.

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  7. Cindi Donohue

    I fear snakes and bugs. Oh and mice, I scream like a baby when one runs across the floor which happens every winter.

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  8. Shirley Long

    Definitely spiders and snakes. I live in the country and see way too many of each. We have a pond close to the house and have already killed 5 water moccasins this spring. And of course then there’s the copper heads that hide in the dead leaves and you don’t see them until you almost step on one. And then the spiders ~~ way too many to list here. But they scare the holy crap out of me.


  9. I hate to admit it, but I’m scared of just about everything: spiders, snakes, mice, bugs of any kind, butterflies, horses, birds. I haven’t figured out why, they just scare the bejeezus out of me.


  10. Hi Cynthia, Like you, I’m not real big on snakes, but I think great big water bugs are terrifying. They can’t really hurt you, but they can make you hurt yourself.

    I’m loving these books. They are making my libido do crazy things for a 69 yr. old. I should finish yours tonight. I will post review ASAP Pam


  11. Hello Cynthia. My phobia is spiders. I can’t stand them. If I see one in the bedroom at night, I have to get it or I won’t be sleeping. I absolutely freak out about spiders. Thank you for the chance. Sharon catwoman-1(at)comcast(dot)net


  12. Definitely those giant roaches, palmetto bugs you know what I’m talking about. I can’t be in the same zip code as one…Lol


  13. I could definitely identify with Eli. Horses . . . *shutters* Nope! Not me. He overcame his fear. Not me. I will look at pictures. Even admire them in the field. But, they had better not come near me. Bugs, spiders, snakes, not big deal. But a horse, I am gone!


  14. snakes


  15. Frogs, I can’t stand them, I will run


  16. Birds, mainly chickens. When I was about 3 or so I was flogged by a big white rooster.


  17. I do not like snakes. But having lived in the country now I respect black snakes giving them there space but prefer them as they keep the poison snakes away..


  18. I do not like snakes. But having lived in the country now I respect black snakes giving them there space but prefer them as they keep the poison snakes away.


  19. O h snakes most definitely *shudders* I’am like Indy. *nopes right past the video* sorry can’t right now. I only can handle so much of them like a day like say a movie or something..sometimes. *shudders*


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