Sticky Stuff and Prizes!!

Good Morning!! A huge THANK YOU to each of you who took advantage of the $0.99 sale for WHEN THINGS GOT HOT IN TEXAS! I mean LOOK at who’s in the collection (other than yours truly!) How could anyone resist?

When Things Got Hot in Texas Mockup 4

Do you have your copy? Have you told a friend to grab it while it’s on sale? I sure hope so!

Today’s Prizes:

  1. Embroidered Beach Towel
  2. Mystery package
  3. A pair of Harlequin Socks & swag

Have you noticed the title to this post… “Sticky Things”  What in the world could that mean?

Today’s topic is things you can’t eat without getting it all over you!

For me, it’s honey. I doesn’t matter how careful I am, what I use to “get” to the honey, I still end up with it in strange places, like my ELBOW! I mean.. My goodness! How did I get honey on my elbow? And my KNEE!

The other is Italian food… anything with a tomato base. Some piece will fall on my chest (Boobs really) I’m wondering if I should invest in an adult bib?

So what’s your spill?

THANK YOU for coming back today.

HELP me by sharing this post (and the book) with your friends and family and FB groups. The ladies and I would appreciate it!

OH!! Here are the buy links. You know what to do with them!

About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.

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  1. Mine is barbeque sauce and syrup never fails.

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  2. Jennie Fortna

    Ketchup and mayonnaise always put to much on my burgers 🍔!!! But it’s yummy n messy….

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  3. Chocolate and tomato sauce

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  4. Millie Swank

    For me it anything with sauce or gravy! It only as I got older that it seem every time I eat something with a sauce or gravy that I where it. What’s up with That?

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  5. Nancy Schreib

    Cotton candy gets everywhere. Anything with powdered sugar.

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  6. I learned long ago that I do not wear white or light colored blouses around food. I don’t seem to have to even be eating it for it to find it’s way down the front of me. And that is any food. I think there is a hole in my lip or something. But, only when wearing light colored clothing, OR it just doesn’t show as well on darker colors. *sigh* What can I say?

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  7. Mine are cotton candy and sopillas. They get everywhere. Then if I touch anything even after I wash up it gets sticky. I need a shower after these.

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  8. I work for Panera bread. They have switched to using cane syrup instead of sugar for their tea. It comes in a bottle with a pump so you can add your own. I can’t keep it off me no matter how careful I am. It gets everywhere.
    Salsa is another hard one for me. I can’t eat it without making a mess, but I love it so much. I have learned not to wear light colors!! Lol

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  9. Charlene Whitehouse

    Paint is my spill. I do it every time I use it. I use a napkin when I eat.

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    • We were renovating a house about 12 years ago. I wanted to pull up the carpet. Hubby didn’t. I accidentally spilled 1/2 gallon of paint on that carpet. I SWEAR it wasn’t on purpose!!


  10. TeresaFordice

    Pizza, always seems to drip on both shirt and pants. Need that bin too

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  11. Steak sauce or any kind of sauce can end up on my top.

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  12. Daphne Cochran

    Powdered sugar on funnel cakes and beignets. Really yummy but messy.

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  13. Tina Carlson

    Pretty much anything I eat, I get some on my shirt l

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  14. Sharon R. Cowan

    I have learned to keep a towel (any kind) to put on my chest when I eat. I usually eat sitting in recliner and my boobs are not small. Salsa and any kind of dip I eat.


  15. My spill seems to be anything with tomato sauce on it.


  16. oh my I can spill anything on me. My worst thing is probably pepsi. I can spill it on my desk and have a mess in now time flat. So far it’s only gently touched my computer and it didn’t hurt it. Thank goodness!


  17. Cindi Donohue

    BBQ chicken and corn on the cob, my favorite dinner. I get it all over and my face and fingers stick to everything when I’m done.


  18. These books are next on my TBR list.


  19. Okay! To actually reply correctly! Soup, really, anything liquid. Watermelon.


  20. My spill is pasta sauce. It’s like my books are a shelf and just attract something to fall on them!! I swear it happens every darned time! Use email: Sharon Thank you.


  21. For me it’s watermelon. I can not eat watermelon without having the sticky juice dripping off my elbows. Yes, I’m a klutz. 🙂


  22. Michelle Duhon

    Today was ice cream. You think I would know how to eat it over a bowl. Oh and my Gumbo also.


  23. Usually, it’s something red: salsa, BBQ sauce, spaghetti sauce, ketchup, even jelly.


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