Fisherman Stories

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve written here. Sometimes I wonder…

  1.  Are blogs dead?
  2. Are posts to Facebook the “new” blog post? I’d love to hear from you about that.
  3. Am I crying into the vast void where no one hears me?

Fisherman Stories…

I’m married to a fisherman. Not a PROFESSIONAL fisherman. We don’t get money for his days on the lake. We don’t even get fish. This is his hobby and play (and as everyone knows… a boat is a black hole where you pour money)

My husband, Fisherman, is quite funny. He says I tell too much on Facebook but maybe it’s better to post stories about him HERE. Fewer people, fewer eyes (and probably not his brother’s! HAHA Fisherman will never find out!)

Yesterday, we were driving home after church and lunch with my parents. This is a honest-to-goodness conversation.

Me: You know what we should do? We should take about $50,000 and do some beautiful landscaping with a recirculating stream that flows down our hill and back into the lake. Sink a pump and use lake water. Wouldn’t that look great?

Note: we live on top of a high hill that drops down to the lake.  See Pictures

Fisherman: We could do the same thing with the garden hose. Put it at the top and let water run down.

Me: “Rolls eyes” One puny stream?

Fisherman: Okay. Use three hoses. And we’ll set one up to spray in the air like a fountain.

Me: This is so going public.

So what’s the most you’ve ever invested in landscaping?

Oh.. and we don’t have $50,000 to do this. I was just seeing if I could!

About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.

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  1. 😀 Thank you for the grin! You did say “fisherman,” right? Not redneck? That counter-suggestion of his sounded so “redneck” but, there was no duct tape involved. So, maybe just fisherman. 😉

    Since I rent, I don’t spend money on landscaping. But, I must confess, I would prefer to spend my money else where anyway.

    That looks like a nice view, and with all those steps you must get nice workouts. Bet that saves on gym fees.

    I read blogs! I no longer do facebook. So this works for me and yes, I hear you. Thank you.

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  2. LOL LOL LOL! We have done some landscaping of our own but more so for others. my husband and I owned a construction/ landscape, excavation business. There are some interesting stories there and a whole lot of beautiful projects that were completed. We live close to a beautiful lake and we did a lot of work at the houses around the lake shore.

    Probably the craziest story I remember is the guys went to dig down to put in a new block wall and they unearthed tires and all kinds of other interesting items.

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    • The tires DO NOT surprise me. There is no telling what people will use to “fill in.”

      Our property (if you couldn’t tell by looking) is solid ROCK. I have no idea how one could dig into my “back yard”


  3. I rather like blogs, there’s just something about the format I like a lot. Faceboooks good for some & Other things.


  4. I hear you loud and clear. I do belong to Facebook and use it for some things but not alot. I still do love blog posts.
    It’s too bad your fisherman doesn’t even get fish. I’m sure he does get much needed quiet time. Time to reflect and think about the garden hoses and the fountain.
    Thanks for the laugh.


  5. Joanne – my fisherman DOES catch fish. A LOT but he’s mostly catch and release. He might keep a walleye or crappe but that’s about it


  6. Ha! Sounds exactly like a husband. 🙂


  7. LOL-thanks for the chuckle. The hose idea sounds exactly like something my husband might have come up with!😊


  8. I had a small (5′ diameter) pond surrounded by rock put in near our back patio. Added later was a pile of rock in the center of the pond-with a hole through the rocks for a hose and pump. The theory was that I could sit in the sun room and listen to the water. Then added water lilies. They were so beautiful when they bloomed. Turned out this little project was a lot of work. One thing was keeping leaves away from the pump intake, covering it in Winter, constantly cleaning out leaves. Gradually I quit messing with it. Now it sits silent and chocked with leaves. But the water lilies keep coming up every year. Hardy things.


  9. Sharlene Wegner

    I don’t think I would ever make it down to the lake if I lived there. It would require climbing back up! I am still a fan of blogs, but FB is faster!


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