Ring Me Baby!

We spent the weekend in Memphis visiting with my hubby’s family. On Saturday, for some unknown reason, hubby (Fisherman) and his brother (Fireman) decided to go look at new phones for Fireman. Up to today, Fireman had a simple (dumb) flip phone. He could make calls and take calls. Period.

Two hours later, they came home showing off Fireman’s new iPhone 4s. Heaven help me. For the past five hours, Fireman and Fisherman have been putting the new iPhone in a special, protective case (waterproof, shatterproof, dustproof and I’m pretty sure atomic bomb proof.) Before the phone could be loaded into this uber-special case, it had to be floated in water for an hour to ensure it was watertight. Once it passed that test, the guys put the iPhone in the case and began working on installing special ringtones. Fireman wanted a fire engine siren complete with air horn. I made the mistake of directing him to http://www.phonezoo.com. Holy cow. Hours and hours of different ringtones blaring. You cannot believe my headache!

After all this, neither Fisherman nor Fireman know how to move a ringtone from the above website to an Apple phone.  With my Android phone, it’s so simple.  The chosen ringtone is sent to my phone as a text message with an embedded link. I click on the link, the website opens on my phone, I click “Download” and viola! It’s on my phone. I go to the contact I want to use the ringtone for, click “add” a ringtone, click on the new one, and it’s done.

Thank goodness Fireman bought a phone that matches Fisherman’s phone and not mine! Fisherman can take care of his brother.

And the countdown has begun….no, no, not Christmas! My birthday!!! It’s Friday. I’ll be doing a special post on a friend’s blog with prizes! So mark your calendars and join me for fun and prizes….and maybe a few surprises.

OH! And I’ve got a fun little game going on today over on Everybody Needs a Little Romance…Match the Christmas Movie Quote with the movie! 🙂  Click HERE

About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.

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