Thursday’s Blogs and Chances to Win!

What a morning! I’ve pretty much dropped everything I’ve touched today. Dropped my mouse and lost the roller ball (found after tearing around the area around my chair.) After I got the mouse reassembled, and put my heavy la-z-boy recliner back in place, I sat, took a long sip of coffee, then missed the table when I sat my cup down. SPLAT! Broken mug. Coffee EVERYWHERE! Sigh. Ever have one of those days?

Oh well, on to today’s stops.

Texas Tango Tour Banner 2Fresh Fiction
Nights of Passion
Wild and Wicked Cowboys

See ya on the tour road today!


About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.

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  1. Yes I have those days a lot! Like this morning face book wouldn’t let me in well I found out I was putting the wrong pass word in DUH!! My 19 year old daughter had a look and then said well Mom that’s why.
    I hope your day gets better!


  2. The way I look at my morning is that it can ONLY get better! Now, go follow those blog links and leave messages!


  3. Yesterday, with gloves, on, I squeezed a paper cup holding some soda….& you can imagine the mess in my car, on my coat, on my gloves, all over…..Plus, last week, as I was leaving a restaurant, I accidentally elbowed my water glass shattering it into bits. I’m a disaster waiting to happen. Now, if I win one of your ornaments, hopefully, it won’t shatter!


  4. Oh my, Susan. What a mess is right! I was eating ice cream with a hard chocolate shell in my car. I have chocolate junk all over my seat belt. I’ve got to find time to clean it. ICK! Be sure to leave messages at my blog stops for chances to win an ornament.


  5. I have my share of days like that! Sometimes you feel like you don’t know if you’re coming or going! My brother called me at 8:30 am, after I’d stayed up til past 2 am. It took me a few minutes to realize the annoying noise in my ear was the telephone ringing. Then, I tried to get back to sleep after that with no luck! I kept forgetting what I needed to get done next, all day. I dropped half my lunch on the floor after microwaving it, remembered that I hadn’t showered yet and felt like I was going in reverse all day running back and forth (whew)! Cute ornaments….I love anything cowboy or southwestern.


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