What Happens in the Mead Tent…Welcome Sandra Jones

I am pleased to welcome Sandra Jones today. Sandra is a fellow chaptermate from Diamond State Romance Authors . I know you will all enjoy getting to know her as well. 

First, let me start off by thanking Cyndi for allowing me to stop by. I’m in the midst of a blog tour for my latest book, MOONLIGHT MADNESS. To celebrate I’ll give one lucky commenter on this post an e-gift card for $5! I’m giving away other prizes along my tour, so feel free to follow along on my adventures for more chances to win stuff! More details on my website: http://www.sandrajonesromance.com/events                                                                                                                         Huzzah!

I’m a huge history geek and an anglophile. I love everything from movies to books to reenactments. I’d like to experience Britain through every time period—just not in first person. I’m too attached to deodorant and toothpaste for the real experience! But I enjoy a good historical romance set in any era of British history. The setting for MOONLIGHT MADNESS, a time travel romance, is the 1600s. I chose this time to incorporate two of my favorite things: Shakespeare and Renaissance fairs.

During Shakespeare’s career, the reigning monarchs were Queen Elizabeth I, and after her death, King James. I chose the King James era, because this was the time that the Bard wrote Macbeth. In these days, the kingdom was superstitious and intrigued by the devil. James was the monarch responsible for the King James Bible and he also wrote a book about witchcraft. What better time to send an unsuspecting time-traveling, modern-day heroine than an age when peculiarity meant the work of Satan! mu-wha-ha-ha

As for renaissance fairs, I often attend a festival in Texas in April called Scarborough Faire. The first time I went, my youngest son was in a stroller. It’s a fantastic event for all ages, whether you dress in costume or just watch everyone else.

The fair can be a little anachronistic, but it’s all in fun! A few of my favorite memories are of my son watching a joust, my husband being attacked by the kissing wench, and myself enjoying the falconer. A trained handler conducts live demonstrations with the birds of prey. I was so inspired by the performance that I included a falcon in MOONLIGHT MADNESS as the hero’s beloved pet.


While visiting Wales, Rance Kingsley, Viscount Waldenham, receives a warning that his daughter will soon be kidnapped by Spanish enemies. Before he can aid her, Rance tumbles into a mysterious portal to the future. His only hope is to find his soulmate, the key to returning. However his curse continues when all signs point to Tess Hartman, a straight-laced teacher, as his match. After a cheating boyfriend, the only male Tess wants in her life is Dante, a troubled teen she would like to adopt. To bond with the boy, Tess brings him on a class field trip to Britain. But the Shakespeare experience becomes too real when sexy, eccentric Rance seduces her. When Tess falls for Rance’s kisses and travels with him across four centuries, she’s convinced he’s made a mistake. How could she love a man who deceived her, separating her from everything she cares about, a man with MOONLIGHT MADNESS?

An Excerpt

            Aye, she could be an attractive woman. Her height was adequate for his purposes with the top of her head just below his shoulder—everything as it should be when she would recline beneath him in bed. And though her clothing was not particularly feminine and her brunette hair was pulled back in a man’s style, her face stirred him. Her eyebrows were rounded and whimsical over eyes of brown with green and gold flakes. But her unadorned lips cast a siren’s spell on him. Rosy, flushed, and full. So soft, he vowed, and he died with need to test them.

            “Charming,” he murmured.

            His hand ran down her arm, slender and sleek with feminine muscle. St. Anthony, how he loved the way women of this time kept their bodies! Her pulse skittered beneath his touch.

Was it her? Could it be? Mayhap a kiss would bring the final sign he needed….

            Rance drew her near, aware that her restrained hand had balled into a fist of resistance, but too far gone, his patience could not be reclaimed. He bent toward her, his hair falling to frame her face and his. Lips hovering above hers, he explained softly, “I must find my mate.”

MOONLIGHT MADNESS is available on Kindle now, and everywhere else January 18.

Sandra Jones is the author of time-travel, paranormal, and historical romances published by Avon Impulse and The Wild Rose Press. She’s worked as a bookseller and a librarian, where she indulged in her love of old books.

When not researching or writing, she enjoys being with family, reading, and watching British TV. A self-proclaimed history geek, she currently lives in a 1905 Greek revival home in the Mississippi Delta. Sandra loves to hear from her readers: visit her website www.sandrajonesromance.com


About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.

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  1. Sandra – glad to have you here. Headed out to tweet, Google and Facebook. Good luck with Moonlight Madness


  2. I love the excerpt and summary of MOONLIGHT MADNESS. I can’t wait to read it. Oh and thanks for the new word–anglophile. Had to look that one up. Apparently I’m an anglophile too and didn’t know it. lol


  3. I went to my first renaissance fair last month! It was fun and makes me eager to find time to read this soon (yep, already in my TBR pile). Going off now to look up anglophile…


  4. I LOVE this book! Rance is one of the yummiest scoundrals I’ve ever had the chance to critique:-) Have fun on the blog tour! (((hugs)))


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