Bullying-A Scary New World

I’m participating in an Anti-Bullying blogfest today. There are lots of other authors joining in, telling their stories, sharing their experiences. I encourage you to follow the links at the bottom of my post and read theirs today.

Today we see or read horrifying stories about kids being bullies. They may be bullying a classmate, a bus monitor, or even a teacher. The crazy thing is how many of the bullies film their attacks, proud to post them to Facebook and YouTube. And the incidents of bullying via Facebook is alarming to say the least.

In my own town, we have a situation where a bus driver (an adult) was pushed and threatened by a high school student, a male. The driver did as she was supposed to. She reported the incident to the principal. Now, you’re probably thinking the principal immediately pulled the high school boy in for at least a chat about the incident and maybe even some type of punishment, but that’s not what happened. The student was a major player on the football team. There was a big game coming up. They needed him to play. Nothing…and I mean NOTHING…was done. The bus driver still has to drive this bully to and from school every day. She’s scared. She went to the sheriff’s office and made a report since the principal refused to take action. The incident is under investigation. I hope the superintendent of the district is looking seriously at the conduct of this principal.

I’ll confess to being from an older generation. We didn’t have Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, etc. Heck, we didn’t have computers way back in the dark ages. So am I saying that bullying is a new development of today’s media-hungry teens?

Not at all. Bullying goes back for generations. We will always have bullies. The difference today is…we don’t have to take it anymore.

Take stand against bullying. Speak up when you see it. Report it to the proper authorities. Don’t let a bully hide. Only by shinning a light on this dark subject can focus and attention to the problem.

Now, go see what others have to say on the subject.

About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.

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  1. It’s sad what behavior some kids can get away with and are never called to account for their actions.


  2. Nine times out of ten, bullies have been bullied themselves by parents or guardians. Our schools need to educate our children from an early age on empathy, compassion, saying, “No.”, and standing up for themselves by telling a trusted adult when hurt emotionally or physically by anyone (adult or child). I saw so much and learned even more working the the non-profit, The Healing Species in SC going into the schools and teaching compassion education. Through education children can be taught to shine that light. Great post Cynthia and all the other authors!!


  3. I hope something is done for the bus driver. Shame on the school for putting football over decency.

    As an author it’s great to be a part of this important event. I’m empowered by all the stories of hope and encouragement that I’m reading today. It’s wonderful that people can get together and promote the positive.


  4. Great post, Cynthia. I don’t understand why any type of bullying would be acceptable. Adult to child or almost adult to adult. It’s wrong.


  5. Hard to believe the principal did nothing after that report. I mean, I can believe it, but it’s still shocking that something like that is allowed to slide in this day and age.

    Glad it was reported to the sheriff’s office. No way is it acceptable to ignore it.



  6. this is a test. Ignore


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