Nikki Duncan Cops To OCD

Confessions of an OCD, and Sometimes Overachieving, Author


Hello, my name is Nikki Duncan and I am an OCD, and sometimes overachieving, author.


Day after day:

~ I sit in my office and hammer away at the dreaded To Do List, or

~ I head out into the field and conduct training sessions for the day job, or

~ I build power point presentations for work, or

~ I go to the oldest kid’s school to volunteer in the band hall, or

~ I do work for a romance review site, or

~ I design graphics for websites and other promo materials, or

~ I do volunteer stuff for one or both of my writing groups, or

~ I speak at writer’s groups, or

~ I run the two kids around, or

~ I help keep the house cleaned, or or or

The list goes on and on, and the more detailed I make the list the more tired it makes me. Take last night for example, despite feeling not great and having worked a really long day the day before and then sitting through a long work meeting, I came home and did more work before tackling some of the clutter in the house so that I could focus enough to work on the things I needed to get done.

It seems that for me cleaning the house helps clean away cobwebs in my brain so I can think better. It was on such a cleaning spree that I worked out some of the plot kinks in ILLICIT INTUITIONS. One such plot kink centered around the hero, Dr. H.

See, I knew he was an empath, but I wasn’t fully sure how his abilities made him unique. Then the depth of his abilities and all the issues that would come with them came to me. It’s those complexities that made him a valuable asset as a child. An asset that had a clandestine branch of the government taking him for experimentation. A branch of the government that let him go when he became an adult, but is now after him again.

Yes, I could probably benefit from a 12 step program, but then again that could spoil some of the party in my head.

Tell me, what complexities or special abilities have you seen in characters that has you going back to them in your mind?

Commenters will be entered into a drawing for an ARC of  ILLICIT INTUITIONS, set to release next Tuesday.

Love could be their greatest liability.

Ava Malia knows three things. She was once a kickass covert operative. She will eventually adjust to her new team, the FBI Specialized Crimes Unit. And the only way to finally be free of her professional past is to solve her first case and get her hands on a game-changing technology. The only problem? Success rides on her ability to swallow her distaste for the persona she must adopt in order to earn the trust of a mysterious scientist.

Dr. H escaped childhood captivity with three things. His sister. Complete control of his gift. And an engulfing distrust of anyone in the government. Adjusting to a life of freedom hasn’t been easy, but he’s found peace in solitude. The sexy woman auditing his empathic studies, though, has a way of getting under his skin that’s both arousing and disturbing. Plus, his psychic ability warns him of secrets so deeply buried in her psyche, they’d be better left alone.

Yet their instant attraction strips away all their protective barriers, down to the foundation of a new, fragile trust. And a vulnerability that, when an old enemy opens fire, could blast away any chance of a future.

Read an excerpt of  ILLICIT INTUITIONS now!

To order your copy, click on a link below

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About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.

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  1. Welcome Nikki! Love your cover.

    I do understand your entire OCD list. I have a similar list!


  2. Ohhhh, Nikki. That cover is delish. Can’t wait to read Illicit Intuitions!


  3. So glad I’m not the only one! I can’t write, or do anything for that matter, if the house isn’t in tidy order. It’s nice to meet you Nikki. Congratulations on your release. Your blurb is intriguing and your cover is gorgeous!! All the best!


    • Oh no, you are not alone. I am so ready for this weekend when I don’t have to go anywhere and I can finish tackling the chores piling up. I’m getting giddy about the idea. LOL


  4. Hi Nicki,
    Great interview! I have to clean the house too in order to be able to do anything. Right there with you on the OCD. 🙂 I loved the excerpt! Very intriguing. Sounds like a great read! Good luck!


    • Hey, Karilyn. I was talking to a friend today about our OCD issues. We all have such great company. lol

      I hope you’ll try the book if you don’t win it. I especially hope you love it.


  5. Great interview… You left us hanging here at the end….. and the cover.. those eyes…mmmmm


  6. Very nice interview. One character I read had one eye that saw into another world and one eye that was normal.


  7. Roarke is one of my favorite characters. Love that he has mad computer skills, is a former thief and richer than God. Plus he is gorgeous, which is just yummy icing on the cake, lol.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com


  8. You now caitymack? I KNOW Roark isn’t real but OMG! What a fantasy man Nora has written.

    I would definitely arm wrestle you for him!


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