A Werewolf in the North Woods – by Vicki Lewis Thompson

I got this Advanced Reader Copy from the author with no expectation of review. In fact, she’ll probably be surprised when she sees this!

A Werewolf in the North Woods is the second book in the “Wild About You Series.” The first, A Werewolf in Manhattan, was reviewed here. If you haven’t read that book, go read the review. You don’t have to read A Werewolf in Manhattan to enjoy A Werewolf in the North Woods. The books are linked in that the heroes of these books are brothers, but the books stand alone.

“Official” Book Blurb from the back of the ARC: When she used to walk around her grandfather’s property outside Portland, Abby Winshell loved the idea that Bigfoot was somewhere out there too. Now her grandfather swears he’s seen two creatures that fit the legendary description–and he has evidence. Sort of. Grandpa Earl may be a bit dotty, but when his neighbors invite a renowned anthropologist to disprove his theory, Abby decides to send the man packing…until she sees how hot he is. 

Anthropology professor Roark Wallace can’t risk news being made of a Bigfoot sighting in the north woods–not with a local pack of werewolves to protect. Disproving the evidence should be easy, but ignoring Abby is not. Her fiery red hair makes him want to sit up and big, and this obvious attraction is making the pack suspicious…

The entire Winchell family has relocated from the Portland area to Arizona. Her Grandpa Earl’s the last of the family left in Oregon. He suffers from arthritis and he is getting older. The family wants him to retire from running his general store and more to Arizona to be with them. He, and his father before him, spent their entire lives looking for Bigfoot. Now Earl has finally seen the elusive creature, except the picture is blurry, no one believes him, and the neighbors (who want to buy Earl’s property) have brought in a well-respected professor to refute Earl’s claims. Except the professor is a werewolf and Bigfoot does actually exists and the professor has actually been brought to Oregon to find the Bigfoot couple and relocate them.

Abby has been sent by the family to get Grandpa to move. But he just won’t leave until he can prove Bigfoot is real. She loved her grandfather and would anything to help him, including meeting the NYC professor to convince him to lay off the public talks refuting Earl’s claims. Except the professor isn’t want she expected. He’s hot, sexy, and OMG…A Werewolf! She blackmails Roark into taking her with him into the north woods as he looks for the Bigfoot couple.

This is a fun book with witty dialog and some wonderful sexy scenes. But I have to reprint my favorite lines from the book:

“Shut up, Spot.”

“Just try not to be a complete butthead, Rover.”

You’ll have to read the book to find those lines. If you don’t laugh, or at least smile, you have no sense of humor!

Some lucky commenter will win my Advanced Reader Copy of A Werewolf in the North Woods. I have only ONE copy. Leave a message for a chance to win!

Over on my other blog, EverybodyNeedsALittleRomance, I’m giving away two books. Vicki Dreiling’s How to Marry a Duke and How to Seduce a Scoundrel. Go here and leave a comment there for a chance to win one of these books.

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To find Vicki Lewis Thompson on the net, here is a link to her website.

I remembered that I did an interview with Vicki with A Werewolf in Manhattan came out. Thought I’d post a link. Vicki was hysterical!

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  1. HI Cindy
    Those were great lines you pulled out and it made me want to find out what the context is – sounds like a great read.


  2. Vicki Lewis Thompson “does” great dialogue! Look forward to reading another of her books.


  3. Did someone say ‘wolf’??? I need, NEED, a new werewolf book to dig my claws into! I WANT this ARC!!!! Please? This sounds hilarious.

    If I don’t win it I will have to buy it now. Thanks Cyndi…
    cmselfridge@gmail.com (you can send it here :-P)


    • HAHA Calisa! Cross your fingers that Random.org likes you. 🙂

      I’ll be letting people comment until midnight on Monday.

      If you missed the interview I did with Vicki last January about her wolves, she’s hysterical! Since you’ve reminded me of that interview (which I did on another site), I’m going back to editing the post to add that interview!


  4. Cyndi! I *was* surprised, and really, really HAPPY to see this review. I was just thinking I’d brighten your day with the ARC. Now you’re brightening mine. Awwww. Thanks. You’re a pal.



  5. This sounds like a great series! I love some humor in my reading, so this would be right up my alley.


  6. Cyndi – great review. And as usual with a Vicki Lewis Thompson, the book sounds like a real hoot!

    Or with this one, maybe I should say a howl?



  7. The timing would be perfect for me to win the ARC, since I’m about to finish Werewolf in Manhattan. I can’t wait to meet the Bigfoot couple, as well as to see karma bite Roarke in the but for giving Aidan a hard time about falling in love with a human. 😉


  8. I want that ARC! I remember when Vicki was a keynote speaker along with Rocki St. Clair at DARA’s Dreamin’ in Dallas Conference a few years back and she said, “What am I…chopped liver?” Under the circumstances, that line was never so funny! Hey, Vicki, so NOW you’re writing paranormal romance…
    Jodi aka Joelle Walker
    Paranormal editor


  9. Thanks for posting this. I love Vicki, but haven’t picked up this series yet. Life gets in the way. :~)


  10. I would so love to read A Werewolf in the North Woods.. This is a new author for me and this sounds like the perfect intro. I adore funny sexy paranormal series. I’d love to win this book.


  11. Cynthia thought I might want to hop over here and read some of the comments, and am I glad I did! Now I have a chance to give a shout-out to my buddy Barbara White Daille!

    And Gail, thank you for picking up A Werewolf in Manhattan. I had fun writing that one, and even more fun with Werewolf in the Northwoods. I’ve been fascinated with Bigfoot for years!

    Joelle, Dreamin’ in Dallas was one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to. DARA is awesome! And Rocki is a hoot, so I have many fond memories of that weekend.

    Laurie, I know exactly what you mean. There are several authors I need to catch up on! Somehow the time just slips away.

    Thanks for all the great comments, everyone!



  12. Um, I don’t know how the La got in there. Gremlins.


  13. Werewolves and Bigfoot? I think I’m in love!


  14. PatrickKWillard

    It is a humorous story. It’s a fun loving plot that once you start you keep reading until it’s finish not to long just right.


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