Going Cowboy Crazy bu Katie Lane – A Review

As I have a deep-seated fascination with cowboys (and guys in tight jeans and a cowboy hat!), this book cover and title caught my eye. I went to very few of the publisher signings during the 2011 RWA National conference, but I found myself walking through the Grand Central signing as I had a couple of friends signing. As soon as I saw this book displayed I headed for Katie Lane’s table.

I don’t know Katie and had never read anything by her. (She has another book out that I also picked up and read.)Once of the great things about these booksignings is the opportunity to pick up books by new authors, or at least an author new to you. In this case, it was both…she’s a new author and she’s new to me.

The setting is a small town in Texas. Lots of interesting secondary characters. Lots of secondary characters who make it their business to stick their collective noses into everyone else’s business!

Adoptee Faith Aldridge, comes to Bramble, Texas looking for her twin sister, a twin she discovered only when her adopted mother confesses on her death bed. The townsfolk immediately assume Faith is her sister, Hope, who has finally returned home from California. The only person who knows this isn’t Hope is Slate Calhoun…Hope’s high school boyfriend, now the high school football coach. Hope’s kisses never lit a fire in him like this imposter Hope does.

I really loved this book. Slate temporary home (a hunting trailer…and if you’re from the south, you KNOW how bad those can be) is believed by Faith to be where he really lives. The scenes there brought many chuckles from me.

Faith gets more than she bargined for in Bramble. She learns secrets she isn’t sure she can handle.

Slate finds his hands full with Faith and a town full of “helpful” folks who begin planning his wedding to “Hope” (now that she’s home again)…except it’s not Hope he’s fallen for, it’s Faith but nobody believes she’s not Hope. Sounds confusing, but it’s not.

As soon as I finished this book, I grabbed up the author’s second book in the series. I’m sad to say I have to wait until next year for the third book. Write faster, Ms. Lane!

About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.

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