Thoughts About Mowing

Last Saturday I mowed my front yard using our new mower…not really “new” as in 2011 model but new as in given to us by our next door neighbors. It’s a Toro, model year about 1995 or so but still in good condition if you don’t count the duct table on the seat. Anyway as I’m driving around (oh yeah, it’s a riding mower) I realized after about 30 minutes that my mind was totally clear (not my sinuses which were clogged from pollen). My mind wasn’t wandering to and fro. It was an empty slate. And you know what? That was kind of nice.



About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.

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  1. I like that. I know it doesn’t happen very often, but feels good when you do it.

    Amy Fendley


  2. When I walked LaFortune park (@ 3 miles), I discovered that I went over the day’s events, made my grocery list, etc. But at about the 2 mile mark, emptiness descended and then I was able to think about my stories. I usually worked out story problems at the time. It was nice.


  3. I bet that was a welcome respite from the pressure of getting ready for RWA National and book edits. Are you going to volunteer to mow the lawn all summer?


  4. yanno Leigh…I do most of the mowing any way! And I don’t mind. It gets me out of the house. Plus, I’m just riding around…trying to avoid mowing over hubby’s sprinkler heads. I get into SO MUCH trouble when I accidentally rip one of those out. LOL


  5. Walking doesn’t work for me in terms of working out story problems. Mostly I hear my knees popping, and that’s over the sound of my groaning with every step.

    Most of my story planning happens when I’m lying in bed. Now, if only I could figure how to get those excellent scenes in my head directly into my computer without the interference of my fingers having to type it!


  6. You’re right Amy. It does feel good to let all the worries and stress go.


  7. That’s probably the only thing I miss about mowing now that my boys do it. I usually get that empty slate while running. Enjoy the rider!


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