Should’ve Been a Cowboy by Vicki Lewis Thompson – A review

I received this book as an Advanced Reader Copy from NetGalley with no promise to read or review.

Sometimes you read a book and wonder…Where did that title come from? You know what I mean. The title doesn’t seem to have much to do with the storyline. But not in this book. Should’ve Been a Cowboy is a perfect title for this June Blaze by Vicki Lewis Thompson.

Should’ve Been a Cowboy is the fourth book in the Sons of Chance series. This story “stars” Alex Keller (brother of Josie, wife of Jack Chance) and Tyler O’Connelli (sister of Morgan, wife of Gabe Chance.) When we last saw Tyler and Alex, both were participants in Morgan and Gabe’s wedding…Alex as the hot DJ from Chicago and Tyler as the Maid of Honor on vacation from her glamorous job on a cruise ship. The wedding is over but Alex and Tyler can’t keep their eyes off each other. We leave them at the end of that book with a bottle of champagne and a climb up a ladder into the hayloft. Of course we (the readers) don’t ever forget a potentially hot couple and with this book, Ms. Thompson delivers that sexually charged relationship we (the readers) knew was just arcing between Alex and Tyler.

It’s been quite a year since then. Alex has permanently settled in Jackson Hole and taken a job as Marketing Director for the Last Chance Ranch. While Alex does have a degree in Marketing, this job is his first real marketing position, which makes the pressure twofold…first to prove to himself that he can do this and second, since his sister has married into the Chance Family, to contribute to improving the ranch’s bottom line. Being a total city guy, he was surprised at how very much he loves the ranch, the outdoors and even being on the back of a horse.

During that year, Morgan had gotten pregnant. Her sister, Tyler, comes in for a short vacation before she leaves on a major cruise. Additionally Tyler is up for a promotion to Cruise Director, a position she’s aspired to. Nothing, especially not a guy, is going to hold her land-locked.

Neither Tyler or Alex have forgotten, nor gotten over, that night in the hayloft. The arching attraction is still there. But both decide to ignore it. Tyler, because she’s here to be with her sister and Alex because his big marketing open house at the ranch just got a huge money wrench thrown into the plans.

The story steams with sensuality. For a fun, fast, sexy read, you can’t ever fail with a Vicki Lewis Thompson book. Enjoy!

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