Crush on You by Christie Ridgway – A Review

I missed CRUSH ON YOU when it was first published in June of 2010, which surprised me since I admit to being a Christie Ridgway fangirl. In December, Christie offered up Advanced Reader Copies of THEN HE KISSED ME, the second in the Three Kisses series, and I immediately began begging for the ARC. Christie was ever so kind to send it. Before I even opened the ARC, I ordered a copy of CRUSH ON YOU, the first book in this series. Today, I’m review CRUSH ON YOU. I decided to review in order although each book is stand alone.

From the back cover…

The Baci sisters are on a mission to save Tanti Baci–the winery that’s been in their family for genreations–by tranforming it into the perfect wedding destination.

If only they didn’t need the help of the Bennett brothers next door…

Alessandra Baci is determined to make sure the winery’s first wedding goes off without a hitch. Unfortunately, the “Nun of Napa,” as she’s affectionately known, has had some bad luck when it comes to nuptials, starting with her worn wedding day five before, when her fiance didn’t arrive at the alter. Still, she’ll do anything to keep her promise to her late father–even if it mean enlisting the help of the sexy Penn Bennett…

Straight out of Hollywood, where he’s the handsome star of prime time’s hottest home renovation show, Penn is Alessandra’s only hope for restoring the crown jewel of the Baci estate. Too bad the Bennett men, who own the winery next door and are the “sisters’ greatest rivals, are off-limits. Because Penn would like nothing more than to teach the sinless “Nun of Napa” a unholy, hands-on lesson…


Before I get to the story, isn’t this an awesome cover? Do you love those purple shoes or what?

There were two distinct love stories contained in this book…Alessandra + Penn and Gil + Clare. I know Alessandra and Penn were the “lead characters” but I adored the interaction between Gil and Clare. They were so perfect for each other. Their dialog was clever, their scenes so touching. I could empathize with their conundrum… how do you tell your best friend your feelings have chanced without screwing up the best friendship you’ll ever know? Wonderful secondary story. In fact, I’m re-reading Then He Kissed Me just for an update on Gil and Clare!

Penn and Alessandra were much like gasoline and a match. Apart, they are safe, but when together, the sexual tension ramps up to an explosive range.

Alessandra takes her oath to her father to heart. She’ll do anything to save the winery that’s been her family forever. Family is important to Alessandra and her sisters.

Penn grew up never knowing his father. His mother worked minimum wage jobs, trying to make the best life for her son she could. Penn never experienced the family life that is so important to Alessandra until he meets his half-brothers. At first, he doesn’t want to get “involved” with Bennett brothers. After all, he’s never had brothers or a family life and he thinks he can live without one. But slowly, his half-brothers worm under his skin. Learning to be a part of family is new and hard, and he grows to love it…as he grows to love Alessandra.

I had a brand-new copy of CRUSH ON YOU to give away as part of this review. Unfortunately, my puppy loved the book too! Can you see the teeth marks at the corner? Plus there are some teeth marks on the page edges. Sigh.

However, if you’d like a “fairly new, puppy-enhanced” copy of Crush on You, leave me a message here telling me that you want it. If you want a second chance at the book (random drawing, your odds affected by number of comments), go visit my interview with Christie on Wednesday, January 12 on Everybody Needs A Little Romance.

Note: Offer void where prohibited. Prizes will be mailed to North America addresses only. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants.

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Tomorrow, I’ll review Then He Kissed Me, the second in the Three Kisses Trilogy.


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  1. This sounds like a great book, thanks for the review, Cyndi!

    And I would love a puppy-enhanced book. Thanks for the chance to win it!


  2. Great review and I’d love a copy, even if is puppy loved.
    Catch you tomorrow at Everybody Needs…


  3. Great review AND book! I think out of the two love stories going on in Crush on You, Clare & Gil’s was my favorite.


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