Through The Wall – By Keri Ford

Keri Ford

Many of you have had the opportunity to meet Keri Ford on Twitter and trust me…she’s as cute in person as she is on Twitter and Facebook. When she contacted me with her BIG NEWS (!), I was thrilled!! I’ve been reading Keri’s work for quite a while and every story gets better and better. She still holds the honor of writing my favorite (non-published) heroine – Lexie.


THROUGH THE WALL will be available on Dec 20 and is the first in this series of sexy novellas.

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So help Keri move up her career ladder and buy a copy of her book…or maybe 3 or 4 copies. I know she’ll appreciate it! 🙂

I got an Advanced Reader’s Copy from Keri and what I found was:  a cute, sexy short story about a strong, southern woman going for what she wants, which happens to be her next-door-neighbor-and-boss. For years, Stephanie and Parker have shared a common bedroom wall, and for years Stephanie has lain in bed and suffered through hearing other women getting what Stephanie wants..namely Parker Madison.  After a margarita or two (or many four…it’s hard to count while you’re sipping and lusting), Stephanie makes her move – she propositions Parker. He’s stunned! Not because he not attracted to her (he is), but he also believes if they take the step into the bedroom, and it doesn’t work out, then their friendship (which is quite strong) would suffer. Even though Stephanie assures him it would never affect the friendship, Parker is hesitant to go there, which make Stephanie work even harder for what she wants.

Welcome to Apple Trial, Arkansas. Something must surely be in the water in this small town. Women are tossing their inhibitions out the window and the men are grasping at what to do about it!

Meet Stephanie from THROUGH THE WALL

Available December 20, 2010


She doesn’t want wild and raunchy, just a little spice…

Stephanie Faulkner listens to her neighbor’s nightly sexcapades through her bedroom wall. What used to make her blush now has her reaching for her vibrator. But she’s had enough self-fulfillment and now wants the real thing.

He wants commitment and long-term, not a quick roll…

The only woman Parker Madison ever wanted for long-term was Stephanie…but she’s off-limits. He’s tried to find a substitute but there just isn’t another woman like her. Now that she’s available, if he gives her time to get over her ex-husband…will he finally get his long-desired chance?

Short-term doesn’t lead to long term. Or does it…?

But when Stephanie digs up the courage to ask Parker for something a little exciting and spicy, he nervously rejects her. Still, she sets out to get what she wants—a little sexcapade of her very own. No commitment. It’s just sex, right?

Parker knows he could never be satisfied with having Stephanie temporarily. But as she continues to tempt him and he finds it harder to resist, he begins to think short-term might be better than nothing at all. Unless he can convince her into more.

Excerpt from THROUGH THE WALL:

Stephanie Faulkner had no claim to Parker Madison. They’d been friends for a long time, but they weren’t friends like that. Being friends like that never even came up between them. She licked her suddenly dry lips. At least, not yet. And it never would if that woman didn’t get her hand off his stomach and quit whispering things in his ear.

Parker laughed, the sun touched his slightly-too-long blond hair. She sighed. She’d had her hands in his hair before. What a waste of time as she’d shaken the golden locks and commented on him needing a haircut. A haircut. Yeah that was her. What an idiot. She should have yanked him to her while she’d had the chance. Pressed her breasts to his hard chest. Aligned her groin against his… Her gaze dropped to the place in question. She swallowed. Perhaps she should have stopped at three margaritas.

There was a fine line between sexy and trampy. Case in point, the red-head draped over him: tramp. Her standing over to the side leaned back on the fence: sexy. In her opinion anyway.

Her best friend, Jessie, shook her cup and loosened the last of her frozen margarita from the bottom. “You’re going to owe me a free oil change for this.”

“For what?”

But Jessie was already walking away. “Claire! Hey, girl.”

Claire looked up from Parker and waved.

“It’s hot as heck out here and getting late. I’m headed over to Michael Bill’s place. Braves are playing and he’s got some people coming over tonight. Come with me?”

And just like that, Claire peeled her hand off his chest and the nausea in Stephanie departed. Michael Bill were magic words to having a good time. Jessie turned and winked.

Stephanie waved a two-finger thanks. “I’m throwing in a set of windshield wipers!”

She laughed. “You better!”

Parker swaggered to her looking all rugged and waiting to be tossed in sheets. Okay, maybe two drinks would have been plenty. Oh, what the heck. Two, six or none, it wouldn’t have mattered. In the past few months Parker always looked ready to wrestle naked. The alcohol went back to warming her blood. Need shuddered through, wetting her female department.

She leaned against the gate, hopefully looking cool, as Parker drew closer. He looked up. Surprise flashed on his face, but he smiled as he focused on her. Oh, the things the man was probably capable of. She didn’t know a lot about sexual variety. Her ex-husband had kept things very…civil. From what she’d heard through the sheetrock, Parker was anything but vanilla.

Sex with Parker must be like winning the Triple Crown, Super Bowl, and World Series all in one night. Things she’d been uncertain about in the past, she wanted to get down and do with Parker.

And get dirty even.

Sweaty and twisty and panting for air.

She shivered and pushed hair from her face. Wow. She was not supposed to be the tramp here, but man, she couldn’t help it. She thought of him at night when she could hear his grunts. In the mornings as his shower ran, she thought of getting in there with him. During the day while she balanced his books and ran the front office of his garage, she wanted to walk into the shop wearing a trench coat and get busy on a radiator.

A few times, though she’d never admit it and could barely admit it to herself, she’d used her vibrator along with his noise in the evenings. Oh yes, she had. Heat flamed through her face. Thankful for the August sun, he probably couldn’t tell.

His stride was long and smooth. Sure and confident, exactly like him. “Stephanie! When did you get here?”
Parker’s arm snaked around her shoulders and hugged her against his side. As usual, he looked glad to see her. She hoped he was super happy because he, too, laid awake thinking of doing the dirty with her. Then again, he could just be glad to see her because he was Parker and good to her. Either way, she leaned into him as he pulled her close.

See, this was something else about Parker. Any other man standing outside in August would be sweating and smelling like pig that had been rooting around in the mud. Not Parker. She could still smell the crispness of his soap and the spice of his deodorant.

She dropped her head against on his shoulder as she’d so often done. Only now, as she’d been doing for the past six or eight weeks, she imagined her head there while gasping for air. Pictured his big, coarse hands on her naked skin, gripping her hips. His big brown eyes stared back at her and she swallowed down her fear. It was time to get this out there and confront it.

She wanted scintillating sex.

Parker knew how to give it.

Doing it together seemed the natural choice.

Parker had always been there for her and she trusted him. When they’d walked in and caught Jack in the act, Jack had tried coming toward her with explanations rolling off his tongue. Parker had punched his childhood friend in the mouth and ever since then, he’d been beside her through thick and thin. If he said no to this sex idea, she was confident they could go back to their routine. It would be a silly request and nothing more, chalked up to the fact she hadn’t been laid in over a year.

Oh, and her four margaritas.


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  1. Love the excerpt! This sounds great. (Just fyi…the amazon buy link didn’t seem to be working) Congrats on the release Keri!


  2. Thanks Eleri. I’ll check that link.


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