The Way To Texas – Liz Talley

Today is a big day…the release of THE WAY TO TEXAS by Liz Talley. Before I tell you about the book, I have a couple of disclaimers…

1.  Liz Tally gave me a copy of the book in exchange for a fair review.

2.  Liz is a friend of mine (even if she is an LSU fan!)

When LSU came up to Little Rock to play the University of Arkansas (Go Hogs), Liz brought her family over to where

my family was tailgating and we had a wonderful visit.

She has the greatest parents (my mother is convinced that she and Liz’s mom are long lost sisters!) And her husband!!!Yikes!!! What a cutie. A total yummy package. And two of the cutest little boys. Great family, Liz

Now…about the book…Delicious!

Her stay in Oak Stand, Texas, is only temporary. After a series of setbacks, Dawn Taggert is giving herself one year to pull everything together so she can start over somewhere else. No putting down roots here. No romantic entanglements. No exceptions!

Not even the very persuasive Tyson Hart can change that. A contractor looking for a fresh start himself, Tyson is the type of guy who promises forever—and means it. But Dawn refuses to let those whiskey-colored eyes, that smooth voice and the broadest set of shoulders this side of Houston weaken her resolve. Her mind is made up. Now, if she could only convince her heart…

What a fun book! Dawn is the sister of Jack Taggert, the oh-so-yummy hero from Liz’s first book Vegas Two Step. Dawn is a lady who survived a teenage pregnancy, a teenage marriage that failed, and ex-husband best known as Larry-the-Snake. (For those of us who have ex-husbands in “real life”…Larry is our exes!)  She’s only stopping by to help out his brother and sister-in-law. Shoot, she still has her house in Houston so she can go home once she’s done helping out.

Tyson Hart is sort of hiding also…from his past life, a so0n-to-be-ex-wife. He’s hired to do some renovation and Dawn in charge of seeing that renovation through to completion.  Liz does yummy heroes SOOO well! (I’m thinking she bases them all on her husband!) Where Dawn has a college-age son, Tyson has a new-teen daughter. Oh the teenage angst. I remember those days. Liz so captured those days, those feelings, that attraction to “the older man.” 🙂 That’s as much as a hint I’ll give on that.

Let me say…OMG to page 88. BRAWAHAHAHAHA  Was not expecting that. Dawn and Tyson finally get to the serious lip-lock and then…oh you just have to read it.

And the Thanksgiving scene…I was laughing out loud. Without doubt, the Thanksgiving Day from H*LL. Imagine having Thanksgiving dinner with your family (brother, SIL, mom, dad, new niece, and son) and you’ve invited your “new boyfriend” and his daughter (who you’re wanting to impress) and then a couple of uninvited guests “drop-in”…use your imagination about these uninvited guests could be! And then the “friendly” touch football game that ends in a bloody nose! Funny. But what I really loved about this scene was how Tyson and Dawn stood together through all this.

SO, if you can’t tell, this is a very entertaining book. A total fun read. I recommend this. Go Get It TODAY!

OR…Try to win it here. Anyone who leaves a comment here will be entered to win an autographed copy. AND anyone who can get her husband to leave a message too will get three entries in the contest! 🙂 You have until midnight Wednesday (12/8)  to leave a comment. Trust me. You want to win this book.

So I’m in a Christmas book mood. What is your recommendation?

***the book give away is only for US or Canadian residents. No international shipping. Sorry!***

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About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.

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  1. What a wonderful review, Cyndi, and Liz, this sounds like a dynamite read. I have no prejudicial thoughts since you’re an admitted LSU fan. (Cyndi, lighten up 😉 I’m kind of going with TCU right now.

    I would LOVE to read The Way to Texas. Born there, with family there, it’s my kind of read. All best to both of you!!!


  2. This sounds like a fun book! I’ll be at the stores today and will look for it.

    I’ve always been a sucker for Mary Burchell’s Regency Christmas novellas/books. But she doesn’t have a new one out this year! 😦


  3. Thanks for the fun review, Cyndi! It is a “realistic” book, but still funny. Well, life IS funny, isn’t it? 🙂

    I so enjoyed seeing you several weeks ago, even if your hogs whipped us. Congrats on going to the Sugar….are you heading down to NOLA?

    I’m pretty sure I can’t come close to replacing Mary Ballough, Edie, but I appreciate the support. It’s a cute little book you can read in one afternoon 🙂 And, Donnell, you’ll recognize Texas and the ‘boys.


  4. Hi Liz,
    I’m stoked for you ! This sounds like such a fun read and of course the way Cynthia has described makes it irresistible!

    You should keep her as your reviewer. The best of luck on your debut! Here’s hoping it’s the first of many.



  5. LOVED Dawn. glad you liked the story Cyndi…though I didn’t have doubts that you wouldn’t!


  6. What a fun review. Liz’s book sounds awesome.

    The Blaze anthology It must have been the mistletoe featuring Tawny Weber was really good.


  7. Congrats on your new release, Liz.


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