What did YOU do this weekend?

Someday soon, I’ll write a blog about Maggie, but frankly the wound in my chest is still to gaping and painful.

But let’s talk about the weekend. I’ve had a very busy three days!

Friday night, Shayla Kersten and Merlyssa Cormack went with me to the Southern Professional Bull Riding competition here in Hot Springs. Think the minor leagues and farm clubs for professional baseball. This was kind of like that. There were 25 guys trying for $15,000 in prize money. Let me say…these guys were YOUNG! But great inspiration for a hot cowboy book. There were two rounds. In round one, 4 or 5 of the riders were able to stay on the bull for the full 8 seconds. All the rest went in the dirt pretty fast and pretty hard! One guy took a direct hit to his face…bloodied him up pretty good. A few more limped off, their injuries unknown. If you ever watched bull riding, you know there are cowboys in the ring whose job is to distract the bull once the rider falls off. This gives the rider time to get out of the bull’s way. Friday night, there were three “bull fighters” and one of them got rung HARD by one of the bulls. Not sure of his injuries but he left by ambulance. After round one, the top 15 were brought back for another ride but at that point, we called it a night.

Two observations:

1.  This is one tough sport. Definitely not one for a bunch of sissies!

2.  It was like a Republican or Tea Party Rally. I’ve never heard so many slamming jokes about our President and Our Speaker of The House at one time. It got really really old – FAST.

Saturday was RAZORBACK FOOTBALL. It was my first time to see the Hogs play this year. We won (YAY) but we were playing Un of Louisiana, Monroe, so we should have won. Ryan Mallet threw for over 400 yards. Impressive, huh? But the team still has a lot of work to do before we face Georgia this coming weekend, and with Georgia coming off a loss to South Carolina, they will be hungry for the win. I’ll be watching from home. How did your favorite team do this weekend?

Today, it was church and yard work….hours and hours of yard work. I have a HUGE brush pile that will have to be burned. If the weather holds and the wind stays calm, that’s on my agenda for tomorrow.

So tell me about your weekend!

Thanks for visiting. Until Next Time..


About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.

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  1. Cyndi, there is a rodeo in Conway next weekend – FYI. its at the Don Owens sports complex behind the shopping center.

    We did lots of yard work today too. Hours of mowing and bush hogging. Place looks great now.


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