Let’s Rodeo!!

I am working on my next column for RWR and got to reading rodeo lingo. I thought it might be fun to post some here.

I’ve posted 10 terms below. How many of these do you know? Post your definitions in the comments.

I’ll post the real definitions on Tuesday.

  1. Barrel Man
  2. Dogie
  3. Good Bucker
  4. Hobble
  5. Hooker
  6. Luck of the Draw
  7. PBR
  8. Latigo
  9. Pickup Man
  10. Half-Hitch

Make me laugh and I could have a prize or two

Until Next Time

Oh – and I thought I’d add a little eye candy.


About Cynthia D'Alba

After living away from Arkansas since I left for college at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, I have finally made it back to Hot Springs.

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  1. Love the chaps and what they surround.

    How about Buckaroo. Just thinking is all.



  2. Chaps? What chaps?

    OH! Now I see them. My eyes couldn’t get passed the denim.



  3. I know, but I’ll leave it to the others. Just for added bonus info, chaps is pronounced shaps.


  4. I have to say I didn’t know a single word. How lame is that? I was a suburb girl (still am), but in Tucson, we never got spring break, only rodeo weekend (two school days off). Jip!


  5. What’s a hooker? Never heard that term except with street walkers.


  6. HMMMMM where did you find this picture ma’am? lol


  7. Hi Matthew. I have NO IDEA where I found that picture. You have any ideas? 🙂

    Been a real hit with the ladies.

    Since I write “cowboys”, it’s great, hm, inspiration!


  8. all i know is this is myself and was taken in 94′ at the panoka stampede as well out of my personal albums lol


  9. Half Hitch – a mild limp. Because a major limp is known as a hitch in yer gitalong.

    Pickup Man – a darn sight more fun on a dark, deserted back road than a Datsun man.

    latigo – a cartoon by Stan Lynde http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latigo_(comic_strip)

    PBR – the only beer the rodeo team could afford back in college.

    Luck of the Draw – what Kari had absolutely NONE of last summer

    Hooker – for some reason, I’m picturing Captain Kirk

    Hobble – what you do on the way out of the arena after getting bucked off a cream puff, so everybody thinks it was because you were hurt.

    Good Bucker – depends on whether the cowboys saying it are standing on the back of the chutes or at the bar.

    Dogie – what you;ve gotta get along with…

    Barrel Man – Flint. Because really, there is only one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgbJuffR7P8


  10. hahahaha Kari! You have been around the rodeo and it’s cowboys way too long. 🙂


  11. Hysterical that Matthew Lebleu found myself in the picture above! But he says I can kept it up…great inspiration for us Cowboy Romance Writers!


  12. Hey Matt..if you check back in, found your picture on google images.


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